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Zemen Insurance Share Company Invitation for External Audit Service

Invitation for External Audit Service

Zemen Insurance Share Company would like to invite qualified and registered audit firms to submit their technical and financial proposal to audit the book of the company for the financial year ending June 30/2021 and for the subsequent two more years.


  • The audit firm should be registered with the accounting and Auditing Board of Ethiopia (AABE)
  • The audit firm must have solid audit of IFRS financial statement experience substantiated by CV
  • Copy of current tax clearance
  • Copy of renewal business license
  • The bidders are required to submit tentative date of starting the audit and the definite date of completion time of the audit work.
  • The audit firm should provide a complete company profile and finance and technical proposal in a separate envelop.
  • The Audit firm must provide a bid bond of Br 10,000 which must remain valid for 30 days after the expiry of tender validity period in the form of CPO or Bank guarantee.



Audited financial statement in compliance with IFRS and management letter and recommendation.

Application procedure

Interested audit firm who fulfill the above criteria can submit their sealed bids to the company head office within 10 working days from the date of this announcement.

Tender will be opened in the presence of bidders or their representative who choose to attend on Saturday, October 24, 2020 at 3.00 pm in the afternoon


Zemen Insurance S.C Head Office:  Addis Ababa, Ethiopia   Sub City:  Bole Wereda:  02   Alem Building 2nd floor

Tel:  0115575850/0116151415     Fax: 0116150001    P.O.Box:  23029                            

Email: [email protected],      or     [email protected]