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Hapo Korea Charity Associations (HKCA)

Hapo Korea Charity Associations (HKCA)


Hapo Korea Charity Association is local non governmental organization legally registered in 2016 and obtained registration certificate from FDRE Agency for civic society organizations.

HKCA would like interested eligible approved audit firm bidders to submit their proposal for audit services.

Interested birders may obtain further information at the address below at working hours by calling Mr. Fikru Legesse at 0913322970

Bid must be delivered to the address via email or in personal on before 9, September 2020, bid must be enclosed in a sealeden envelope marked with the audit firm name, address and type of bid. Since the request is an urgent, we will not accept bids later than the deadline specified above.

Please be noted that the proposal must be accompanied by company profile, CV’s and qualifications owners/supervisor, evidence of registration and trading certificate and evidence of having performed a similar types of services.

Address: Oromia Special zone surrounding Finfinee Sululta/Chancho and Addis Ababa kebena

Email: [email protected]

Tel. 0913322970/0922592380