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Lion Security Service PLC… bid for architectural design of lodge


Our company Lion Security Service PLC has secured a land adjacent to a beautiful lake for building a lodge in Gurage Zone. Therefore; we would like to hire a consultant to design the lodge on a computation bases. Any consultancy firm that fulfills the following requirements can submit their technical and financial offer:

1.      Architectural firm with grade 3 and above license

2.      Ample experience in lodge design

3.      Ample experience in landscape design and similar projects

4.      Company profile with CV’s of professionals that directly involve in the design process and possibly in future supervision.

5.      Legal documents: VAT registration, TIN ,

6.      Renewed registration of consulting firm, Renewed Trade license…

7.      License from Ministry of Construction

8.      The consultant should submit its experience with photographs and good performance letters.

9.      The consultant is responsible for every construction designs, including Architectural, Structural, sanitation, electrical, landscape and other engineering designs.


Consultants are required to visit the project site in person and come up with aesthetically beautiful and economically achievable design within 15 days after site visit.

Application Methods

1.      You can bring all the necessary documents in person ( at Megenaga behind Bole Sub city building , Addis Ababa ) and register for the bid or

2.      You can send copies of your documents via our email [email protected] or [email protected]  and call us for registration.

For more information please call

Land line: 011 668 3333, 0116553579

Mobile: 0922464044, 0930519202