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The Embassy of the United States of America, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, will hold a Live Auction of Furniture, Appliances, Computers, and Scrap

Live Auction of Furniture, Appliances, Computers, and Scrap

U.S. EMBASSY – November 26, 2019

The Embassy of the United States of America, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, will hold a live auction on Tuesday, November 26, 2019 from 10:00 am until all lots are auctioned at the Embassy’s warehouse in Jacross.

For more information, please call: 011-130-7583 or 011-130-7611 or email [email protected]

Viewing:  Interested participants can view the items for sale on Friday November 22 and, Monday November 25, 2019 between 09:00am and 12:00am.  In order to access the facility, participants will be required to present ID and register with the Embassy. 

Auction:  The auction will be held on Tuesday, November 26, 2019 from 10:00 a.m. until all lots are auctioned.  Bidders must bring a photo identification and a non-refundable entrance fee of 300 ETB will be charged.  Each lot will be offered for auction once.  Bids will be accepted ONLY while the lot is being offered.  Once bidding has finished for the lot, the winner will be declared and given further instructions to pay for the lot.

Bid Bond: Interested participants must bring a certified payment order (CPO) of ETB 25,000 to participate in the auction.  The CPO must be made payable to “Bank of Abyssinia”.  The CPO must be presented at the time of arrival.  Winning bidders must pay for all lots won in full, less the bid bond which will be held.  If you are the winner of multiple lots, you must pay for all lots in full, or you will forfeit your bid bond and you will not be allowed to take any lots.  Winners who forfeit winning bids will be barred from U.S. Embassy auctions for two years. 

Bid Bond Return: Non-winning bidders can collect their CPO as they depart the auction.

 Full Payment:  Bid winners must pay the full amount of the winning bid in cash or certified payment order (CPO) to Bank of Abyssinia only.  Cash will be accepted at the YERER or SALITEMIHRET branches.  The CPO should be in the name of “Bank Of Abyssinia” who will collect funds on behalf of the U.S. Embassy.  CPOs will be accepted at the Ras, Bole, Sidist Kilo, Raguel, Yerer, Salitemihret, and Megenanga branches of Bank of Abyssinia.  (Cash or CPOs will NOT be accepted by the U.S. Embassy for payment of winning bids).  Payment must be made before December 6, 2019 during regular bank branch operating hours.  Partial payments are not allowed.  Upon full payment, bid winners will be given an official receipt that must be presented along with their original endorsed bid winner’s sheet when picking up the items. 

Responsibility and removal of items:  Bid winners must bring the original endorsed bid winner’s sheet and official Bank of Abyssinia receipt to pick up their items.  Items may be picked up November 26, 2019 from the close of the auction until 4:00 pm.  Items may also be picked up between 9:00 am and 3:30 pm, Monday – Friday until December 13.  Bid winners must provide their own labor and transportation to remove the items – the U.S. Embassy will not provide any assistance in removing auction items.  Failure to remove items as per the terms and conditions provided will result in forfeiture of the items.


1. Participants must be at least 18 years old and bring proper identification (passport/ ID).

2. All bidders must provide personal transportation for their purchases; the Embassy will have no transportation available.

3. Any and all duties, taxes, transfer fees or other charges of an official nature that may be levied by the Government of Ethiopia are the sole responsibility of the buyer and will not be deducted or credited to the sale price by the U.S. Embassy.

4.All items are sold on an “AS IS”, “WHERE IS” and “NON RETURNABLE” basis.  The Embassy DOES NOT guarantee items in any way.

5. In case of failure to fulfill all requirements stated above, the Embassy will reserve all rights to cancel bids and take related administrative measures including forfeiture of payment as necessary.  This includes suspected collusion or any form of attempted or actual manipulation of the bidding.

6. U.S. Government reserves the right to withdraw for its use any or all of the items prior to actual removal of the property from U.S. Government control; U.S. Government reserves the right to reject any bid that is considered not to be commensurate with the value of the property, or to reject any bid where there is evidence of connivance, collusion, or bribery.