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ActionAid Ethiopia would like to appoint external auditors to undertake the audit of the consolidated accounts of the head office


ActionAid Ethiopia is a gender justice and poverty eradication organization working to achieve gender equality and poverty eradication. In Ethiopia, AAE works to challenge various forms of power and build capacities to create people agencies of critical mass of communities especially women and girls living in poverty and exclusion to fulfill their rights, ensure redistribution of resources and build their resilience. We prioritize to work with women and girls and their organizations, networks civil society organizations, national and local government and other allies to overcome gender injustice and structural causes of poverty, we engage in national level policy works to influence the agendas of women and girls to tackle gender injustice. 

AAE would like to appoint external auditors to undertake the audit of the consolidated accounts of the head office including its 8 AAE managed Development Areas (DAs) and 3 Partners managed Development Areas (DAs) for the year ended December 31,2019 and could be renewed for the next two years in line with CSA rules. Therefore,
1.    Eligible audit firms are invited to participate by submitting the following:
1.1    The firm’s profile 
1.2    Trade license (Renewed for current year)
1.3    Certificate of competence Applying audit standard, authorized by Accounting and Audit Board of Ethiopia(AABE) and have IPSAS auditing experience.
1.4    Audit fee to be charged, clearly by indicating with or without VAT
1.5    Time to complete the audit 
1.6    List of the staff members who will be deployed in the audit and their profiles. (Familiarity with Sun accounting software is desirable) and IPSAS trained

2.    Bidders can access relevant information by either calling through telephone 0114-654671 or approach the Finance Department from Monday to Friday on 8:00AM to 4:30PM 
3.    Bids shall be delivered to ActionAid Ethiopia Addis Ababa Office on submission of tender document only until November 19,2019 at or before 3:30 PM (bid closing time). In addition, the bidders must come up with their original and copy of legal and mandatory documents. 
4.    The bidder must provide complete set of technical document and financial documents in a separately sealed envelope in the tender box prepared for this purpose in the reception office (ActionAid Ethiopia, Addis Ababa Office, (Kality, in front of Drivers Training Center inside CCRDA compound)
5.    Bid opening date will be on the same day of bid closing at i.e. November 19/2019 at 3:30 P.M in the presence of bidders or their legal representatives at the ActionAid Ethiopia Addis Ababa office, if there is public holiday on this date the closing and opening of the bid will take place on the next working day at the same time and venue. 
6.    The audit service will be started on Feb 10,2020 and ends on Mar 15, 2020.
7.    AAE reserves all rights to accept or reject any or all bids. 

ActionAid Ethiopia
Woreda 5 CCRDA, Compound
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia