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Synopses on important issues of the industry related to Architectural Practice


The Association of Ethiopian Architects (AEA) was founded on August 1991 in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The main objectives of the Association are to create a professional forum for the advancement of Architecture, to encourage and support architectural training, research and improvement on related cultural traditions, to advance the general professional interests of its members and devise means for their realization and to ensure that professional ethics are observed by its members.

The AEA has been making a continuous effort to safeguard the construction industry by studying the industry problems, preparing important bylaws, and participating in government led endeavors geared towards formulating policies and regulations.

In line with this, AEA’s Executives Committee welcomes synopses on important issues of the industry related to Architectural Practice. The topics can be framed around the following areas but also possible to work on other timely issues – possible topics: Architects Registration – Licensing – Certification, Architectural Service Procurement, Architectural Service Standards, and Graduate Architects Employment/Job Creation.

Prospective authors are invited to submit titles of papers, keywords and synopses of between 250 and 400 words to AEA through [email protected]. Papers will be reviewed and selected on the basis of its quality, relevance and potential for generating discussion to get an input for AEA’s continuous research effort to recommend on policy and regulatory frameworks. Selected authors will be invited to submit final papers of up to five – pages by 27th July 2018. All papers will be reviewed by the Executive Committee of AEA and Peer Groups.

All qualified paper will be published on the special AEA Convention Journal and the authors will be awarded Honorarium for their contribution to the industry. Furthermore, from the selected papers, authors of outstanding ones will be invited to present their papers on the upcoming AEA 2018 Annual Convention.


Deadline of Call for papers:                  4th July2018

Notification to Successful Authors:      9th July 2018

Submission of full paper:                     27th July 2018