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SAVE THE CHILDREN Supplies of Building and Agricultural Materials and Vehicles Spare Parts


Tender Reference #: T-SCI-ET-JJ-2019-001

Tender Title:Supplies of Building and Agricultural Materials and Vehicles Spare Parts

SAVE THE CHILDREN, the world’s leading independent non-profit organization for children intends to establish pre-qualified supplier for its jigjigs FO on various“Supplies of Building and Agricultural Materials (Lot- I) and Vehicles Spare Parts (Lot – II)”and hereby invites potential suppliers to submit a sealed tender for these services.

Potential service providers may obtain the tender documents against payment of a non-refundable amount of ETB 100.00 from the Save the Children Country Office,Addis Ababaand Jijigafrom September 02, 2019 to September 23, 2019during working hours from the following Address:

LOT I -Building and Agricultural Materials

LOT II- Vehicles Spare Parts

1.         Save the Children, Ethiopia Country Office, Addis Ababa

Near Bisrate Gabriel Church, Supply Chain | Procurement Office

Tel # 0113 728455/61

2.         Save the Children, Ethiopia Jijiga Field Office, Jijiga

NearKara Mara Hospital Kable 05,Supply Chain | Procurement Office

Tel # 0257775226

Tenders submitted must be accompanied with:

•           Renewed business license for the year 2011 E.C.VAT | TIN registration certificate;

•           Bid Security in the name of “Save the Children International” amounting to ETB 50,000.00 in the form of CPO or bank guarantee valid at least for 3 months from the date of tender submission. (Cash and insurance bond are not accepted)

•           Authorization to Import, Manufacture and/or Distribute products

•           Company profile

•           Documentary evidence in the form of detail specifications, sketch, and/or drawings, verifying conformity of items to requirements

•           Evidence of past performance record on similar works and other relevant credentials

•           Warranty services

•           Statement of Declaration in compliance to Save the Children Policies

Tenders must be submitted in four (4)Sealed envelopes, bearing the bidder’s official seal, and clearly marked TECHININCAL and FINANCIAL“Original” and “Copy”, and must include the bidders’ name, and contact address, as well as the Tender title and Tender Reference number.

Tenders must be submitted in the bid box prepared for this purpose at Save the Children, Ethiopia Country Office or Jijiga office on September 24, 2019 before 10:00A.M.

Save the Children Committee will open tender responses on the same day at 10:30 A.M. at Jijiga field office in the presence of bidders who choose to attend.

Save the Children reserves the right to accept or reject this bid, in partial, or in its entirety.