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White Sorghum (DeberVariety)

Invitation for the Supply of White Sorghum(DeberVariety)

Meta Abo Brewery Share Company SC which is located at Sebeta, Oromia regional state, Ethiopiawould like to purchase grain white Sorghum (Deber variety) from interested suppliers.The company would like to invite eligible bidders forsupplying of white sorghum to the company’s designated delivery location. Therefore, interested bidders may participate in this bid with due consideration of the following requirements:

  1. Bidders should submit renewed business license, commercial business license, VAT and TIN certificate with the bid documents.
  2. Bid document is available and get freely from Meta Abo Brewery S.C at Jackrose office at the reception desk.
  3. All bidder shallsubmit a bid security that amount 50,000 birrwith the bid documents in the form of CPO.Unsuccessful Bidder’s bid security will be returned after completion of the bid screening process.
  4. Company shall open the bids 12 days after the effective announcement of this bid in the presence of bidders or his legal representative who chooses to attend at Jacross office at 4:30 local time (in the morning).
  5. The bidder whose bid is accepted will be notified to sign supply agreement.
  6.  Meta reserves all the right to accept or reject any or all bids.

Application guidelines:

Interested bidder should submit the amount of sorghum they can supply and the price per quintal in Ethiopian birr withsealed envelope. In addition all necessary documentsindicated in the above requirements should be also submitted. All bids must be submitted within the next 10 days effective after the announcement of this bid.Clarification/enquires can be forwarded to the following contact address: +251-978816180

The detailed bid document can be collected from the address below and application documents have to be submitted to the same address as stipulated below:

Meta Abo Brewery Share Company SC (Meta Brewery’) office

Located at Jackross, Addis Ababa, at the reception