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Agri-Service Ethiopia, invites interested water works contractors to carry out the construction of one pond work at SNNPR

Agri Service Ethiopia (ASE) is a non-governmental, non-religious and non-profit making Ethiopian Resident Charity organization established in 1969 and is dedicated to poverty reduction and sustainable community development particularly in rural areas of the country.

Agri-Service Ethiopia, invites interested water works contractors to carry out the construction of one pond work at SNNPR South Omo Zone as part of the project entitled” Build Climate Resilient Livelihood(BCRLI) in the community of three kebeles(Ocholoch, Fejej and Guranarama) Dasenechworeda which is currently under implementation in partnership with CAFOD SCIAF Trocaire(CST).

The project location (site) is found at 900 km south of Addis Ababa through Addis Ababa-Arbaminch-Konso, Keyafer-Tureme- DasenechworedaOmerate.

Eligible water works contractors/water well drilling and rehabilitation contractors of GRADE 6 and above are invited to bid for the construction of pond for the project sites indicated above& the required specification for the work, deploy skilled and semi skilled labors, accomplish the activities as per the design, drawings and specification provided within one week time,  from the date of signing contract agreement.

All interested and licensed contractors are invited to submit the bid within 10 days of calendar days from the date of this bid announcement. Bidders are required to attach the following documents with their price offers.

•        Eligible bidders are invited to take part in the bid upon submission of copies of renewed relevant trade license in the sector, valid tax clearance certificate, Tax Identification Number (TIN) certificate, VAT registration certificate, Certificate of competence/good performance/ in the area from different organizations.

•        Potential Bidders can collect the bid document  from the address given below within 10 days from this notice against payment of non-refundable Birr 200.00 /Two hundred/.

•        All bid documents must be accompanied by a bid security (CPO) in the amount of1% of the bidder’s total price offer, which must be prepared by the name of Agri-service Ethiopia. The bid document without CPO will be automatically disqualified.

•        Bid will be closed in August 29, 2019 2:00PM(8:00 Local time) and the documents shall be opened in the presence of interested bidders or their legal representatives same day on August 29,2019 2:15PM(8:15 o’clock local time).

•        Bidders are required to submitTechnical &Financial documents in a separate envelop and sealed in one envelop..

ASE reserves the right to accept or reject partially or all bids.  Bid submitted after the deadline will not be accepted

Please submit the bid documentin wax sealed envelope to:

Agri Service Ethiopia

Human Resource and Property Management Office


Tel:0114-651212Beklo Bet, Behind Global Hotel