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Tsehay Insurance Share Company would like to update and maintain its suppliers a potential vendor for goods and services


Tsehay Insurance Share Company would like to update and maintain its suppliers list by incorporating reliable and qualified suppliers.

Interested and qualified firms are, thus invited to register as a potential vendor for goods and services mentioned hereunder.

1.    Computer and equipments 

1.1.   Desktop computer

1.2.   Laptop computer

1.3.   Photocopy machine

1.4.   Ups different capacity (KVA)

1.5.   Different capacity of Ups batteries

1.6.   Laser jet printer

1.7.   Scanner

2.    Furniture & Fittings

2.1.   Table (different size & types)

2.2.   Swivel chair (different size & types)

2.3.   Gust chairs

2.4.   Three sitter guest chair

2.5.   Two sitter guest chair

2.6.   Filling cabinet, side table, book shelf, Dixon shelf 

2.7.   Computer stand, coffee table,

2.8.   Coat hanger

2.9.   Safe box (different size) standard

3.    Vehicles  & parts

3.1.   Vehicles (automobile, single cabin pickup)

3.2.   Car tyre, battery, alarm and seat cover etc

4.    Stationary (different types)

4.1.   Photocopy paper

4.2.   Pen, pencil, highlighter and marker

4.3.   Puncher, stapler, paper tray, correction fluid

4.4.   Box file, envelope, flat file, Posta, carton box, etc

5.    Toner (different type)

5.1.   Printer tonner

5.2.   Photo copy machine toner

5.3.   Facsimile tonner

6.    Printing and related

6.1.   Printing of different documents

6.2.   Different stamps

6.3.   Printing of calendar, brochures, agenda, annual magazine, post card & design work

7.    Cleaning Material

7.1.   Cleaning and sanitary materials 

8.    Advertising works

8.1.   Light boxes

8.2.   Bill boards

8.3.   Banners & stickers

8.4.   Television, radio, newspaper etc

8.5.   T-shirt & Caps

8.6.   Give away items/gift article etc 


Requirements to participate in this call for registration

1.    Legal requirement

•     Presentation of valid certificate for

     Renewed trade license for the year

     Tax payer registration

     Value added tax registration 

2.    Technical requirements

•     The documents also need to include:

     Organized and update company profile

     Professional manpower profile

     Three customer reference and recommendation letter

     Recent 2 years audited financial document

3.    Letter for registration of with all supporting documents shall be submitted to

Thsehay Insurance Share Company

HR and Property Administration

Location:- Near to Bole bridge in front of Bras Hospital 

4.    Tsehay insurance S.C will short list the companies based on the letter of registration and accompanied documents

5.    For more information, Call +251111-11-96-49

6.    Tsehay insurance reserves the right to accept or reject any or all submission