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UNIDO Leather Clusters Empowerment Call for Marketing and Branding Advisory

Call for Marketing and Branding Advisory

Project Title: UNIDO Leather Clusters Empowerment

Contracting Body: CVM

Project Beneficiaries: EIFCCOS & LOMI

EIFCCOS is a Cluster of Small and Medium enterprises working in the leather footwear sector value chain. It was created in 2005 as a response to a government initiative to promote and empower the national leather sector. For our purpose, this initiative can be summarized into two main objectives: the first one was to modernize the traditional productive system still practiced in the leather sector; the second one aimed at formalizing and structuring the market system which was (and still is) conducted in an informal way in the Merkato area, where the majority of the SMEs were located. In this perspective, the government provided the cluster with the facilities where they now operate, in Yeka, Addis Ababa.

LOMI cluster is one of the clusters established by UNIDO. It is an association of entrepreneur women in leather and garment sector found in Addis Ababa. UNIDO collected these women who are willing and strongly believe working in cluster can make a change on their business and formed LOMI Cluster in July 2014.  This UNIDO’s “Technical Assistance Project for the Up-Grading of the Ethiopian Leather and Leather Products Industry” project is funded by the Italian Development Cooperation. It is implemented in collaboration with the Leather Industry Development Institute (LIDI) with the aim of supporting gender equality and women economic empowerment throughout the implementation of specific activities aimed at supporting women-led Micro and Small enterprises active in the leather manufacturing sector.

LOMI has ten women members who are passionate and talented designers.  The members named their association LOMI considering the Amharic proverb "50 lemons, a burden for one person but jewelry for 50".  LOMI has got its legal personality as a Co-operative Society by the continuous follow-up and support of UNIDO leather Project team in November 2015. After the legal establishment LOMI is participating in various local and international trade fairs. So far one common shop in the name of LOMI is opened in BishoftuKuriftu Resort.

Objectives of the Assignment

The overarching objective of this assignment is to design and develop a new LOGO for EIFCCOS and modify existing LOGO of LOMI and professional consultancy to improve the sales and marketing activity which can be a leading light for the promotion and sale of the EIFCCOS in the market both local and international. In addition, it covers the diverse activities necessary to establish and grow the demand of EIFCCOS in Ethiopia. It will work to achieve the set targets and milestones for the UNIDO Leather Project Empowerment project. Specifically, the assignment includes following areas:

• Development of a viable investment and follow-up plans for EIFCCOS member SMEs that will increase profitability, basic bookkeeping, internal control, human resource planning and management, cash flow analysis and planning, negotiation enhancement and customer service - selling and networking skills. Provide an overview of financing options available among the different commercial banks and financial institutions, interest rates and formal requirements for lending, etc.

• Promote and increase sales of EIFCCOS through the government, organizations and individual customers

• Develop regular follow upmanual for demand side actors

• Develop the promotion and marketing processes and protocols

• Design and create a new simple, powerful and influential band LOGO for EIFCCOS and professional re-touch existing LOGO of LOMI (use brand architecture including the brand iconography and carrying out consumer test surveys before finalization and implementation of the brand)

• Advise both clusters on branding ideas

• Develop and implement a marketing and branding strategy for EIFCCOS, taking into account company’s current status. Come up with a comprehensive marketing strategy and sales plan detailing activities and their impact on the projected sales for all the planned development packages.

• Developing and executing a marketing strategy for the marketing and sales of the cluster. This should clearly define a marketing Mix and should be based on competition and customer analysis of the market.

• Develop the route to market i.e. internal and external execution plan for the marketing and sales of the cluster inclusive of capacity building to manage the sales and marketing of the cluster.

• To vet and carry out due attentiveness on prospective buyers and verify information

• To assist in the preparation of standard sale agreement/documentation that meets the mutual benefit expectations of the cluster with agents, brokers, wholesalers and retailers

• Provide feedback for improvement of the company’s business management

• Develop strategic partnerships for promotion and distribution

• Frequent follow ups and connections to the government and other concerned stakeholders

• Undertake research on customer perceptions of the developed brand and propose strategies to further improve the brand.

• Suggest the optional plans to organize and manage events related to promotion/marketing of the brand. Develop concept, production and execution of all marketing and sales campaigns and the following branding and marketing materials for the project. Coordinate and manage the preparation, publication and dissemination of EIFCCOS products and services, in coordination with EIFCCOS sales and marketing team. Help them to determine the best media to achieve its promotion goals.

• Prepare a detailed concept for model shops to a level that will increase brand value and market

• Consultant should carry out implementation, control, routine evaluation and review of the above branding; marketing strategy and sales plan and make recommendations to management in the final stage of the consultation.

All the activities on agreement should start from analyzing of the present organizational status including status of the prevailing market and potential customers. It should also provide Business Model and description of operation/s for each service. So that at the end of the intervention the consultant will include its suggestions to Modified organizational management structure & new skill sets, Financial/funding needs till break-even status and Projection of business returns over 5 years.

Qualifications and Experiences

•           Excellent business management skills and demonstrated experience in managing marketing activities of a company;

•           Knowledge and any work and advisory experience in the leather sector of the country 

•           An established track record in communications, outreach, branding and knowledge management, including web management, video and graphic development and editing, proofreading and copy editing; knowledge and experience in social media management (Facebook, Twitter, blogs)

•           Excellent verbal and written communications skills and demonstrated experience working with a variety of stakeholders, including business stockholders, senior government officials, journalists, advertisers

•           Basic knowledge of the ICT4D sector and its role in sustainable development;

•           Demonstrated ability to take initiative and work independently with limited supervision;

•           Experience of working in a multicultural team and proven ability to build relationships with project partners;

•           Graduate degree in a relevant discipline;

•           Excellent abilities in the use of ICTs, including developing and using web-based resources;

•           Fluency in English is required and additional language skills are a plus;

•           A minimum of five years relevant professional work experience

Legal Requirements: The winner consultant will be obliged to issue advance payment guarantee in favor of CVM for the amount which will be advanced after the agreement signed

Advisory Agreement Duration:6 months from first date of agreement

Expected Delivery:

Final Day of Brand LOGO delivery for clusters is October 18(including legal registration of Logo’s)

Final Day for Submission of Marketing and Related Documents

Term of Payment:

30% advance up on signing the contract

30% after completion of 50% of work activity

40% upon final reporting of the agreement

The consultant shall submit the original and copy of their offer in separate envelopes sealed and stamped, duly marking the envelopes as “Original” and ‘Copy” for technical and financial proposals separately (including copies of renewed trade license, business registration license, tax payer’s registration, VAT registration, and professional competency certificates).

All documents (Technical and Financial proposals) must be delivered to the address:

ComunitaVolontariil Mondo (CVM)

Bole K/K – 05

Woreda – 5

House #391/S

P.O.Box 8429, [email protected][email protected]

On or before 4:00 PM (10:00 local time) on August 15, 2019.  Please note that the submitted documents will be opened by CVM management committee and the technical evaluation result will be posted on CVM notice board and will be communicated to the bidders up on the completion of technical evaluation.

CVM reserves the right to reject any or all bids.