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CSSP2invites eligible CSOs to apply, in coalition, for grants under the following strategic themes and sub-themes, with an emphasis on human rights based approaches

Call for Concept note: Strategic Grants

The Civil Society Support Programme Phase 2 (CSSP 2) supports Ethiopia’s Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) to help them contribute to the country’s national development; poverty reduction; and the promotion of good governance in line with the government’s policies and strategies. CSSP2 works to support effective relationships that foster collaboration between civil society actors, citizens and the government in order to support the needs of women, men, youth, boys and girls, including those hard to reach groups.

CSSP2invites eligible CSOs to apply, in coalition, for grants under the following strategic themes and sub-themes, with an emphasis on human rights based approaches:

1.         Gender Transformation: Gender based violence;land rights; and women’s political participation

2.         Young People: Substance abuse;decent work;and youth voice

3.         Citizen-State Engagement: Social minorities inclusion; stronger and better CSOs; and trust and confidence

Eligibility Criteria

Applicants must meet all the following eligibility criteria. In order to be eligible for a grant, the lead and co-applicants must:

1)         be a local civil society organisation and

2)         have a renewed registration license given by Agency for Civil Societies Organisation (ACSO), and

3)         be non-profit-making, and 

4)         be directly responsible for the preparation, management, and implementation of  the project, not acting as an intermediary, and

5)         have functional financial management systems (to be checked using audit reports and due diligence  assessment), and

6)         have at least one year of experience of implementing a project in the thematic area on which the applicant is submitting the application, and

7)         have proven track record of managing a grant ,which has a proportional budget size with the amount that the applicant is proposing, and

8)         Willing to develop and submit safeguarding policy of the lead and co-applicants. Submission of safeguarding policy is not required at concept note stage but will be required at full proposal submission stage

Application procedure

A full set of application pack should be submitted in soft and hard copies. Soft copies of the application pack should be submitted to CSSP2 via [email protected] by indicating CSSP2 Strategic Grant Concept note Application on the subject line of the email. If the size of attachments is larger than the allowable limit, the applicant has to send the attachments in two rounds; however, the subject line of the second email should denote CSSP2 Strategic Grant Concept note Application Round 2. In addition to the soft copies, applicants should deliver the application pack (in three copies) to any one of the following nearby CSSP2 Offices through a sealed envelope. Or, hard copies can be sent by DHL to the CSSP2 Addis Ababa Office, located in Bole Sub-city, Africa Avenue Street, infront of Millinium Hall, near to Bole Mini, 6th floor of SEVITA Building, Addis Ababa; Tel +251-116-153-411(Ext.127/167).

Grant application deadline is August 05, 2019.

Details of the call are available in CSSP2 strategic grant application guideline that is available from the British Council website. The strategic grant application guideline, Strategic Grant Concept Note Application Template, Declaration Form,Teaming Agreement Template,and Grant Contract Templateare available in the British Council/CSSP2 website.

Please use the below link to download these documents.

For any enquiry, please send your request through;[email protected] or Call to +251-116153 411 (Ext.127/167)