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EPHA and PHOA-E invite sealed bids from eligible and qualified consultants for a preparation of a document to support pre-college students which illustrates the nature of health professions and guide students to make informed decision making on choosing o

1. Back ground

Health professional associations including Ethiopian Public Health Association (EPHA) and Public Health Officers Association of Ethiopia (PHOA-E) have formed consortium to implement a project entitled developing Compassionate, Respectful and Caring (CRC) health professionals that can contribute to the development of compassionate health professionals and avoids uninterested and uninformed choice on the future education and carrier in field of health science.

In this regards, EPHA and PHOA-E invite sealed bids from eligible and qualified consultants for a preparation of a document to support pre-college students which illustrates the nature of health professions and guide students to make informed decision making on choosing of their future career and to be implemented nationally and to be implemented nationally.

1.1. Ethiopian Public Health Association (EPHA)

EPHA is legally registered national, independent, not-for-profit, voluntary, multi-disciplinary professional Association established in 1989 with a mission of enhancing better health services to the public and professional standards through advocacy, active involvement, and networking to benefit both members of the Association and the public health professionals in general. It is one of the leading and well-known health professional Associations in the country having over 8,000 professionals as members. The Ethiopian Public Health Association (EPHA) works closely with many partners and collaborators to facilitate and accelerate activities on the country’s priority public health issues. With 30 years of registered experience in implementing national as well as continental projects/programs and other activities, EPHA has also good working relationships with governmental and non-governmental organizations and higher learning institutions within the country and abroad.

1.2. Public Health Officers Association (PHOA-E)

PHOA-E is a non- profit, non-partisan association of public health officers in Ethiopia. PHOA was founded in January 2011 as an Ethiopian resident professional association. The association places great emphasis on issues of capacity building, member’s benefits, carrier structure and other related businesses of member public health officers and works towards the betterment of health sector development in Ethiopia. PHOA-E provides forums for the discussion of public health issues in the country and a voice that advocates for evidence based and sustainable public health programs, policies, research and funding.

2. Objective of the TOR

•   To outline scope of work and key deliverables,

•   To describe roles and responsibilities of EPHA/PHOA-E and the consultancy firm,

3. Scope of the work

The consultant work shall cover producing a document for pre-college students

 The consultant will prepare the document according to the following outline:

•  Health in general (not more than a page)

•   Health as cross cutting issues, Ethiopian health care delivery system (historical background) (not more than 2 pages)

• The Current National Health Status of Ethiopian people and the health system structure (not more than 5 pages)

• Health sector development program, national policies and strategies (not more than 10 pages

•  Human resource for health and policy frame work (not more than 3 pages)

•  Concept of CRC (not more than 3 pages)

•  Brief information on health professions in Ethiopia (not more than 150 pages)

  Course information

 Scope of practice and core competencies

 Professional career

•  List of universities with health science training colleges. (both government and private)

• Tool that can guide students through self- assessment, to identify their passion

4. Duties and Responsibilities of the Consultant

•  Review documents related to health policy, strategy, CRC manuals etc.

•  Produce work plan and present to group of experts organized by EPHA and HPOA- E

•  Undertake all activities stated in the scope of work above

•  Be responsible for the completion of the key deliverables stated in the TOR within the time limit (within 45 days)

• The consultant will provide the final document after discussion and clearance by EPHA/PHOA-E.

5. Responsibilities of EPHA and PHOA-E

• Play a key role in supervising the conceptualization and design of document by organizing key meetings with the production consultant and by regularly reviewing the document, lists etc.

•  ensure that content is fully in keeping with the values of organizations

• Review each phase of the production and approved before finalization.

6. Deliverables

1  Work plan produced and presented

2  Completed CRC document which comprise 180- 200 Page (Amharic Version) softy and 3 hard copies 

2. Completed List of universities with health science training colleges. (both government and private) (soft copy)

3. Completed tool that can guide students conduct self- assessment to identify their passion (Amharic version) (soft copy) 

8. Time Schedule and Reporting:

During preparation activities, the consultant will submit the draft document to EPHA/PHOA-E for discussion and approval. The assignment will be carried within a 45 days after signing agreement.

9.  Qualifications and Experience of the consultant

• Consultant/ Company should be able to provide the full range of services described in the request for proposal documents and should propose relevant and qualified crew members to complete these tasks.

•  The team composition must have at least 4 professionals with Master’s degree or above in health, with back ground of bachelor degree in health. Moreover, the team should have one professional with MA degree in Communication and Journalism

•  The lead consultant must have second degree preferable MPH, BSc/MPH or M. Sc. in health and related fields

•  Having academic background (experience as university instructor) is an advantage (for the applicant)

•  The consultant has to have at least one recommendation letter from previous employer for the same type of work explaining good performance

10. Terms of Payment

Will be based on the agreement

11. Application Procedure

Interested applicants should submit their applications in person to the address below before Friday, 26 July, 2019, 2:30PM. Application shall include:

•  Cover letter detailing the individual’s suitability for the assignment and current contact information.

•  Detailed proposal including technical and financial and detail profiles/CVs of key person(s) to be involved at any stage.

•  Technical documents and Financial proposal shall be in a separate envelop  

For further information, please contact Ato Yusuf Abdu or Ato Mulugeta Abate via Tel. +251-1- 416 60 83 / 41 / 88.

Ethiopian Public Health Association

Near Dreamliner Hotel on the way to Meskel Flower

P.O.Box 7117, Tel. +251-1- 416 60 83 / 41 / 88 Fax +251-1- 416 60 86,

  1. Addis Ababa, Ethiopia