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Feasibility study of Bole printing plc

Bole Printing Plc

Invitation for Feasibility study

Country:  Ethiopia

Project:   Feasibility study of Bole printing plc

Type of tender:  International Competitive Bid (ICB)

Ref. No:  BP/ICB/01/2019     


The objective of the assignment is to carry out feasibility study and develop a strategy to implement the feasibility study for both commercial and security printing to be established, as per the scope of assignment described in the TOR.


The Consulting firm is expected to finalize the feasibility study and its strategies to implement within four months.


•        Tax clearance Certificate, VAT Registration Certificate for local consultants who have partnership with international company.

•        Currently Renewed  Consultancy Service License (for both Local and Foreign Consultants)

•        Experience of feasibility study on commercial and security printing service is preferable

•        Adequate and Experienced Personnel

Interested and eligible Consultants could collect the hard copy of bid document up on payment of ETB 150.00 and submit their sealed & separate technical and financial document in a Tender box located on the address indicated below until August 19, 2019 at 2:00pm. Bid Bond Birr 20,000.00 in a form of CPO shall be issued with the bid document.

The Bid shall be opened on August 19, 2019 at 3:00 pm at Bole Printing Plc Meeting Hall.

Bole printing Plc reserves the right to accept or reject part or entire bid. For further information please use:

Bole printing PLC

3rd floor Office No. 301 Finance and supply directorate

011-5-528873 or 0115155138

Fax: 011-5-518696

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.