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Hygiènes promotion

International Committee of The Red Cross (ICRC)

ICRC Logistics Center Addis Ababa

Bole Sub city Kebele 12/13 on the road to Ethiopian Agriculture Research Institute or behind Meta Beer store

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Tel.: +251 (011) 6457000

Fax: +251 (011) 6457001

Email: [email protected]

Request for Information (RFI)

For the implementation of one of its capacity building projects with the Amhara and SNNPR selected Prisons Administration in Ethiopia, the ICRC is looking for registered and accredited consultants in providing training on institutional hygiene promotion.

Consultants will be invited to provide training on Hygiene promotion based on ICRC hygiene promotion manual to Amhara and SNNPR selected prison sites for peer hygiene promotion sites, once they get their profiles registered.


The form and requested documents should be submitted latest by the:

27th of June 2018 before noon.

Conditions and Procedures:


All information submitted by the consultant within this RFI exercise is confidential and only for the recipient knowledge. No information submitted in writing or during discussion connected to it may be disclosed to any other party.

Purpose of the RFI

With this RFI we request information regarding consulting company and their respective competence. This information will be gathered from different consultants and will be used to evaluate which we will follow for futures bids/tenders

RFI procedure

To answer this RFI please fill in the form which can be obtained either by email at [email protected] or retrieved on internet at following address:

The fully filled form (in English) and the required scanned documents should be sent to: [email protected], paper version can also be deposited in a sealed envelope at ICRC’s logistics center in Addis Ababa (see address on top of this add).

Failure to provide / have the following will result in rejection of submitted file:

Valid registration to the relevant authority, having a bank account under company name.

The answer to this RFI will be evaluated by ICRC’s technical committee. The ICRC delegation in Ethiopia has the right to reject any files received without any reason. Anybody who does not agree with the above mentioned condition and procedure shall not apply