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Invitation for DAta Collection for SMART Skills Assessment

About CRS: “Catholic Relief Services carries out the commitment of the Bishops of the United States to assist the poor and vulnerable overseas. Our Catholic identity is at the heart of our mission and operations. We welcome as a part of our staff and as partner’s people of all faiths and secular traditions who share our values and our commitment to serving those in need.”

In Ethiopia, CRS has a long and rich history of providing emergency relief and development assistance to the people of Ethiopia since 1958. At present, CRS/Ethiopia implements multiple projects through different partner organizations.  CRS/Ethiopia has a highly diverse portfolio ranging from very large food-supported emergency response to cutting edge development programs. The current CRS/Ethiopia budget stands at $100 million with funding from the U.S. Government, UN agencies, private foundations, individual donors, and CRS private funds.

CRS strictly adheres to its Policy on Protection of Children and Vulnerable Adults among its staff, consultants, volunteers, and affiliates. CRS is an equal opportunity, affirmative action employer: women, minorities and people with disabilities are encouraged to apply.


CRS developed the Skills for Marketing and Rural Transformation (SMART) skills approach to build the capacity of smallholder farmers and to ensure that farmers develop all the essential skills for successful and sustainable market engagement.  The SMART Skills has five contents which include:  how to work together as a group; savings and financial management; natural resource management; innovation; and business and marketing skills.  These skill sets are now the foundation for the Pathway to Prosperity of the A&L SPA strategy, the main approach for reaching A&L beneficiaries, and are essential to enabling households to advance themselves through each step of the Pathway.

CRS-Ethiopia is currently implementing two activities that include in their design the SMART Skills approach: Ethiopia Livelihoods and Resilience Program (ELRP) and Livelihoods Resilience in Oromia (LRO), funded by USAID Food for Peace (FFP) and Feed the Future (FtF), respectively. These activities are meant to reach a total of 78,125 Productive Safety Net (PSNP) Agriculture and Livelihoods beneficiaries with the final goal of achieving sustainable livelihoods that contribute to their economic well-being. To achieve this goal, these projects works to develop farmers’ organization, finance, natural resource management, innovation and marketing competencies by making an important investment in capacity building activities. 

To reach 78,125 beneficiaries, the activities  uses a training cascade model, training extension agents (SILC Supervisors, Livelihood Experts -LE-, Livelihoods Extension Workers-and Lead Community Facilitators -LCF), who train and coach field agents (SILC-Field Agents -SILC-FA- and Community Animators -CA), who are the ones that work directly with farmers who are members of Livelihood Groups (LGs) and Lead farmers/lead herders extension groups. Ensuring quality along this training cascade, requires the establishment of a M&E system to assess the effectiveness of the capacity building activities at these three levels. Hence, this

To this end, CRS would like to recruit a research company or freelance consultant, who is willing to conduct data collection for the assessment from ELRP and LRO operational areas.

Please visit ethiojobs website for further details of the scope of work.


Proposal details and submission

Applicantsare required to submit their Technical proposal and Financial proposal in separately sealed envelopes properly marking the envelopes ad “Technical” and “Financial” proposals before close of business Monday May 20,2019with information about the title of this SOW mentioned above and submitted to Human Resources Department in Person:

Physical Address:       Catholic Relief Services Ethiopia

Gulele Sub-City, Patriots Street, EnqulalFabrica

Addis Ababa

Tel,: 0112788800

CRS strictly adheres to its Policy on Protection of Children and Vulnerable Adults among its staff, consultants, volunteers, and affiliates.

Phone solicitations cannot be accepted& may result in disqualification from the bid process.