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Suppliers of Pump, Generator, Diesel

Invitation to Open Tender                                       

Tender No. OXGB/ETADD/2018/002

Oxfam GB is a UK based International Humanitarian and Development Organization working in Ethiopia since the 1960s. Oxfam GB is looking for capable and reliable suppliers for the supply of the attached list of items to support its humanitarian response and development activities in Ethiopia. Thus, Oxfam GB is issuing this Invitation to Tender to invite all legitimate suppliers with relevant experience to take part in this tender. 


Item Description




Pump, Submersible, KW 11, Phase 3, (H)-230m, (Q) 3lit/second or 10.8m3/hrs. with Switch Board (Control panel) and Cable, Submersible Pump, Three Core


                                                   Quality Standard Certificate Required


Pump, Submersible, 22kW, Phase 3, (H)176m, (Q) -15lit/second or 54m3/hrs. with Switch Board (Control panel), Cable, Submersible Pump, Three Core


                                           Quality Standard Certificate Required


 Generator, Diesel, 60KVA, Open


Quality Standard Certificate Required


Generator, Diesel, 35 KVA, Open


Quality Standard Certificate Required


The Tender documents will be issued starting from the 21th of June,2018 up to 4th of July 2018. Interested suppliers are invited to collect the tender documents from Oxfam GB, Ethiopia Programme Addis Office, which is located in the address below. Suppliers are required to carefully read through the tender documents, make a note of the planned time and return their responses by the close of business Thursday 05 July 2018 4:00 PM.

This invitation to tender has been issued for the sole purpose of obtaining offers for the supply of goods and/or services against the specification contained within the tender document. Oxfam GB reserves the right not to enter into or award a contract as a result of this invitation to tender. Oxfam GB also reserves the right to terminate any contract issued as a result of this ITT as set out in the contract terms and conditions. Successful tenders will be expected to enter into a formal contract with Oxfam GB, which will be supported by a Service Level Agreement.

  • Oxfam GB reserves the right to alter the dates of the timetable.
  • Oxfam GB does not bind itself to accept the lowest or any tender.
  • Oxfam GB is in no way responsible for the cost of preparation of the tender response.

Please note that external packaging or envelopes must be WAX SEALED; and MUST NOT bear the name, or any markings, which may identify the bidding company or organisation.

The onus is on the supplier to ensure that their offer is complete and meets Oxfam GB’s requirements. Failure to comply may lead to the offer being rejected without any reason being given.

Please therefore ensure that you read the tender document carefully and answer fully all questions asked. Once this Invitation to Tender is announced on the local /National media, Oxfam GB will not be obliged to make any further announcements or communications using the same channel.  Oxfam GB will only contact those bidders who have officially collected the tender documents from Oxfam GB’s Office.  Hence, the onus is on the bidder to ensure that they have provided a legitimate and valid contact person and address of their organisation at the time of collecting the tender documents.

OXFAM in Ethiopia Addis Ababa office is located at Megenagna - Bole Ring Road/ Near to DHL Head Office, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia