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ACDI/VOCA Request for Applications (RFA) for Feed Manufacturing Enterprises Business Growth and Expansion

Request for Applications (RFA) for Feed Manufacturing Enterprises

Business Growth and Expansion (RFA-A2-001-19)

ACDI/VOCA is a private, nonprofit development organization with over 50 years of experience providing technical assistance, grants, trainings and managerial support around the world to bring smallholder farmers into the global economy. ACDI/VOCA has worked in Ethiopia since 1994 to promote economic opportunities for cooperatives, businesses and communities. The organization is currently implementing two U.S. government funded projects in the country: the USAID-funded Advanced Maize Seed Adoption Program (AMSAP) project and the USDA-funded Feed Enhancement for Ethiopian Development – Phase III (FEED III). ACDI/VOCA is registered as a foreign charity in Ethiopia with the Ethiopian Charities and Societies Agency in full compliance with Ethiopian law.

Having signed a cooperative agreement with USDA and agreements with regional governments, ACDI/VOCA – Ethiopia is implementing the FEED III Project The overall goal of FEED III is to increase the incomes of Ethiopian smallholder livestock producers by improving access to, and use of, consistent, affordable, high quality animal feed that can support greater livestock and poultry productivity and efficiency.

With this announcement the FEED III Project expresses its intent to provide grants in support offeed manufacturing enterprises business growth and expansion. The potential areas for funding should be those areas that will have contribution for market expansion of concentrate feed. Some key potential expected areas of funding among others include;Mini storage/sales shop construction, ware house construction, transportation facility etc...

Who Can Apply?

Application for FEED III grant funds is open to all legally registered entities engaged with the livestock feed business, mainly FEED project supported feed manufacturing farmer cooperative unions, member primary co-ops, private agro-dealers/feed retailers and feed manufacturing enterprises.

More detailed information about eligibility can be collected from the ACDI/VOCA Office with address given below.

Award Size

Individual grants awarded as a result of this RFA will be anticipated to be between ETB 100,000 to ETB 800,000.Larger awards will be considered if benefits to feed sector development are deemed to be commensurate with the investment.

Any applicant seeking a grant is expected to contribute an amount not less than 50% of the proposed total grant amount to finance part of the cost for the proposed activities.

How to Apply

Under this RFA, there are two steps to be completed. As a first step, applicants are required to submit only a Concept Note (maximum of three pages, excluding the cover page) following the guideline to be provided. If the applicant’s concept note is acceptable and chosen, the applicant will be asked formally to submit a full text proposal.

Selection Criteria

Applications will be reviewed and evaluated as they are received. The selection process will be undertaken by an evaluation committee composed of technical staff of the FEED III project. The selection criteria are given in the full RFA.

Application Timetable

The RFA is open from the date of issuance up to the deadline of June 26, 2019.

Application Costs

Applicants are responsible to bear all costs related to the preparation and submission of the grant proposal in response to this announcement. This means that ACDI/VOCA will not cover any costs with respect to the preparation and submission of the grant application.

Official Address

Interested applicants are invited to collect the full RFA through contacting Mr. Fitsum Berhe,  Grants Manager, by email at [email protected]Or Selam Abiye, Grants Officer at[email protected]and copy to: [email protected] and [email protected]. Interested applicants are also free to collect the full RFA through coming to our physical address given below:


Marathon Building, Megenagna, 4th Floor

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Tel.  (251-11) 662-0685

Fax: (251-11) 662-0699