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TIKUR ANBESSA S.C., invites qualified bidders for the provision of design, contract administration and supervision services for its Mixed-Use Building Project /for ARCHITECT’S SERVICES/


Invitation for Bids

( RFP - National Competitive Bidding )

1.         TIKUR ANBESSA S.C., intends to outlay its own funds to payments under the contract for which this Request for Proposal is issued.

2.         TIKUR ANBESSA S.C. subsequently invites qualified bidders to submit sealed bids for the provision of design, contract administration and supervision services for its Mixed-Use Building Project in Woreda 6, Lidetta Sub-City, Addis Ababa.

3.         The project site is on Tessema Aba Kemaw Street, south of Tekle Haimanot Church. The neighbourhood is a well-established commercial area with a heavy concentration of automotive trade outlets.

4.         The bid is open to design firms with a renewed registration certificate (CA or CAE) issued by the Addis Ababa Construction Bureau or equivalent Regional Bureaus and a current Business License. The successful bidder shall comply with the license category requirement imposed by the Building Official or collaborate with an Architect of Record possessing such category.

5.         A firm will be selected under a single-stage QCBS procedure with a Simplified Technical Proposal format, modified for TIKUR ANBESSA S.C.’s use. The Technical Proposal to be submitted shall include essential design input to be awarded 70% of the technical evaluation points. Bids will be evaluated separately by architects appointed by TIKUR ANBESSA S.C., and the results aggregated.

6.         Bidders shall register at the address below, on or before 31 May 2019, by submitting copies of the eligibility documents in item 4 above, address info and payment of a refundable fee of Birr 1,000.00 (Birr One Thousand) in the form of a CPO. Refunds will only be made for bona fide proposals received, as approved by the evaluator(s).


Tessema Aba Kemaw Street, GEOTRACO Building, 4th Floor, #411

Tel. 091-109 6299, 011-868 2186, P.O.Box 13335, A.A

Woreda  7, Lidetta Sub-City, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia)

7.         The address info shall be type written on a slip providing the following items only.

Trade Name of Bidder            ____________________________________________________ PRINCIPAL landline telephone number        _______________________________________ ALTERNATE landline telephone number        ______________________________________ PRINCIPAL mobile telephone number        _______________________________________ ALTERNATE mobile telephone number      ______________________________________ PRINCIPAL email address       _______________________________________ ALTERNATE email address                            ______________________________________                 

8.  Registered bidders may collect the Bidding Documents starting 27 May 2019, but not later than    03 June 2019, from the address under item 6 above.

9.  Issuance of this RFP constitutes an offer of contract by TIKUR ANBESSA S.C., and by depositing the CPO and registering for the bid, bidders are confirming acceptance of the offer, in the event of being declared winner of the bid.

10.       Bids shall be valid for a period of 90 days after bid opening and shall be delivered to the address in item 6 above, on or before 14:00 hours, (2:00 PM), on 24 June 2019. No requests for deadline extensions, whatsoever, will be entertained. Bidders will be required to provide a bid security of Birr 20,000.00.

11.       TIKUR ANBESSA S.C. reserves the right to accept or reject any or all bids.