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Consultancy Service

Advertisement for Consultancy Service

Enhanced Rural Self Help Association (ERSHA) is a non-governmental development organization established in October 1997 and became operational in January 1998. The organization is re-registered as Ethiopian Resident Charity by Charities and Societies Agency in December 2009. ERSHA is implementing integrated rural  development programmes in  different regions of  the  country  with the  objective of improving rural livelihoods. One of these programmes is entitled “Dita Sustainable Land Management for Combating Desertification in the Deme- Omo Watershed, Gamo Gofa zone, Dita wereda

At this point in time, ERSHA is looking for competent consultants (Freelance Consultants and or Firms)

to conduct the following two assessments/surveys at the project area, Dita woreda.

1.    Baseline survey

Objective: To establish baseline information that will serve as benchmark to measure the programme outcome/impact at the end of the project period

Qualification and requirements:

  • Proven experience and skills in administering multi-sectoral baseline surveys using qualitative and quantitative methods
  •  Relevant educational background/qualification to the advertised work
  • Evidence on previous works that are directly related to the advertised survey
  •  Valid/renewed working license, TIN number, VAT registration

2.    Socio-economic survey with Social Minority Groups

Objective:   Understand   the   dynamics   of   poverty   in   relation   to   social   discrimination   (social marginalization) among the different social groups at Dita area, focusing on socio-economic fabric in general and position, relationship, resource ownership and utilization, way of living and or occupation, in particular, identify the harmful traditional practices negatively affecting the social and economic lives of the minority groups and forward recommendations which will help ERSHA and the relevant actors (local government and others) to design and implement minority focused project activities to improve the situation of the groups

Qualification and requirement

  • Rich practical experience in the advertised work
  • Relevant educational background preferably related to Sociology and social Anthropology
  • Evidences on previous works directly related to this particular assignment
  • Proven experience in conducting participatory surveys with community groups
  • Should present Valid/renewed working license, TIN number, VAT registration

Interested applicants are invited to collect the Terms of References from the Head Office of ERSHA located at Gurd Sholla area, Ten sister NGOs Building, 6th floor, in between Beshale Hotel and Athletics Federation (Telephone 0911 210105). The technical and financial proposals are to be mailed using the following postal address within ten working days of the announcement of the invitation. Only short- listed candidates will be contacted.

Enhanced Rural Self Help Association (ERSHA) P.o. Box 102367

Addis Ababa