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Generator Purchase

Generator Purchase Bid Announcement

MEDA (Mennonite Economic Development Associates) is looking for a generator supplier to quote their competitive as per the below specification. 

  • Power: between 8-10 KVA
  • Brand: Caterpillar or  Perkins or Cummins
  • Model: Three phase
  • Silent mode with ATS (Automatic Start-up Switch)
  • Installation manual andwarranty certificate must be included with the generator
  • Accessories type/quantity and cost of these materials must be suggested. For example:wire, earthing road, etc.
  • Generator installation cost must be given in two options (with and without additionalmaterials needed)
  • Availability of after sale service such as regular service and maintenance.

Suppliers should submit, their VAT registration, Tin Certificate, Renewed business licenses. We will accept expressions of interest until June 26, 2018 3:30 pm and bidder or their legal representatives must be present while the committee opens the bid at 4:00pm. Bidder can submit their application and supporting documents to MEDA office at Addis Ababa, Kirkos Sub-City, Woreda-5, Kebele 08/09, tele. 0113720125/26/22 around Sarbet, Ki-Ab Building 2nd floor in person.

MEDA is willing to answer any questions of the applicants regarding this TOR prior to the submission deadline.