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SAVE THE CHILDREN hereby invites competent contractors


Tender Title: Water Supply Construction

Tender Reference No.: T-SCI-ET-2019-008

Save the Children is the world’s leading independent non-profit organization for children.

SAVE THE CHILDREN hereby invites competent contractors to submit a sealed tender for the following INSPIRE Project construction work in the Amhara Regional State 1Lot  (Lot I) and Afar Regional State2Lots (Lot VI and Lot VII) overall 3 Lots projects as detailed below:

I.          Water Supply Construction in the Arebal Kebele of Meket Woreda of Amhara Regional State (Lot I) 

II.         Water Supply Construction in the Hayten Kebele of Erebti Woreda of Afar Regional State (Lot VI)

III.        Water Supply Construction in the Bonta,Buri and SululiKebeles of AmibaraWoreda of  Afar Regional State (Lot VII)

Bidders with WWGC/GC with Grade 6 and above for the above 3Lots may obtain the Tender Documents, including the Tender Guidelines, General Conditions, Contract Template, Specification and Bill of quantities for each of the aforementioned activities against payment of a non-refundable Birr 100.00 (one hundred Birr only)  for  each lot from Save the Children Country Office at Addis Ababa and  Field Offices  as per the detail here below ( for Lot I from Dessie,Woldiya and Addis Ababa;  for Lot VI and Lot VII  from Aba’ala ,Semera and Addis Ababa) from April 17,2019 to May 07,2019 between 8:30 -11:40 AM and 1:30 – 4:00 PM hours from the following addresses: