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Private Sector Engagement

  1. Introduction

Pact is a US-based Non-Governmental organization that has been engaged in a number of poverty alleviation and development programs in Ethiopia since 1996.  Pact’s unique contribution as a development partner lies in the vitality, breadth and sectoral composition of its development programs.

  1.  Background

Private sector engagement has been identified as a key focus for the Ethiopia program. The country strategy acknowledges the importance of such engagement for expansion of impact, diversification of revenue streams and pursuit of new business models.  The strategy also outlines the need to prioritize shared value private sector partnerships (those drive business value), but acknowledges the specifics of the Ethiopian context by setting targets to work with companies who may be at different stages along the spectrum of views and approaches (philanthropic, CSR and shared value).  It identifies CSR as a key entry point for some of Pact’s sectoral work (such as M2M) and outlines the importance of ensuring technical strengths of CO staff in IFC performance standards.  Additionally, the strategy outlines the importance of exploring partners which have traditionally not fit into our definition of corporate partners but provide some of the same benefits. Finally, the strategy acknowledges the recent growth of social enterprise in Ethiopia and the need for Pact to explore how it will engage with these new enterprises in the future.  

  1. Objective

The Consultant will be responsible for completing Phase I research to identify entry points for engagement with private sector, including prospects and key issue areas.  The findings will provide insights, data, as well as contacts and the network for Pact to leverage in its pursuit of expanded impact via partnership with the private sector.

  1. How to Apply

Interested and qualified individuals or consulting firms to this assignment are invited to submit their technical as well as financial proposal separately in person to Pact Ethiopia Admin and HR unit at the reception before or on June 25, 2018 until 05:00pm.

Pact Ethiopia Office Address: Bole Sub City, Haya-Hulet area, Woreda 4, house No. 533, Telephone 011-661-65-72/616722/616244/616374

Eligible individual or consulting firms should collect theToR from Pact Admin and HR Unit/Reception.

Please note:-

  1. Late or incomplete bids will not be accepted.
  2. Bidders must comply with the specifications/requirements above. Selection will be based on best value.
  3. Pact may cancel solicitation and not award.
  4. Pact may reject any or all responses received.
  5. Issuance of request for quotes does not constitute award/contract commitment by Pact.
  6. Pact reserves the right to disqualify any offer based on offeror failure to follow solicitation instructions.
  7. Pact reserves the right to waive minor proposal deficiencies that can be corrected prior to award determination to promote competition.
  8. Pact has the right to cancel the bid (in whole or part), or change the study design, in the interest of Pact and/or Donor.