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SAVE THE CHILDREN International invites bidders for Supply of Running Water.


Tender Reference #: T-SCI-ET-2019-009

Tender Title: Invitation for Supply of Running Water

SAVE THE CHILDREN INTERNATIONAL,the world’s leading independent non-profit organization for children intends to rent commercial office building and hereby invites potential building owners to submit a sealed tender document for these services.

SAVE THE CHILDREN International intends to establish long-term agreements (1 year or above) for the Supply of Running Water (within Addis Ababa) and hereby invites potential service providers to submit their proposals for these services under the terms and conditions stated here under.

Potential service providers may obtain the tender documents without any payment from Save the Children International Country Office, Addis Ababa from April 11, 2019 to April 30, 2019 during working hours from the following Address:

Save the Children, Ethiopia Country Office, Addis Ababa

Near Bisrate Gabriel Church, Supply Chain | Procurement Office

Tel # 0113 728455/61

Tenders submitted must be accompanied with:

•           The Supplier Should Present a valid license to supply water for the Organization

•           The source of the water must be approved by the authorized body of the government.

•           Duly filled, signed & stamped Annex 1, Child Safe guarding &Code of Conduct

Service provider is expected the following basic deliverables

-           The service provider shall provide sufficient water by appropriate quality and quantity upon request

-           The service provider shall use clean materials (Tanker& Related materials) to transport from source to destination

-           The service provider should supply clean water on timely base upon request

Tenders must be submitted in Three(3) sealed envelopes, bearing the bidder’s official seal, and clearly marked Technical and Financial “Original” and “Copy”, and must include the bidders’ name, and contact address, as well as the Tender title and Tender Reference number.

Tenders must be submitted in the bid box prepared for this purpose at Save the Children, Ethiopia Country Office on May 01, 2019 before/ on 11: 45 Am.

Save the Children Committee will open tender responses on May 02,2019 at 2:00 P.M. atits own discretion

Save the Children reserves the right to accept or reject this bid, in partial, or in its entity.