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Bank of Abyssinia invites eligible companies to express their interest to participate in the bid for Construction Design Services and works

Request for Expression of Interest (EOI)

EOI Request Reference No: BOA/PSMD/EOI-01/2018/19

Bank of Abyssinia invites eligible companies to express their interest to participate in the bid for Construction Design Services and works (DB). 

Project Name: 3B + G + M + 17 to 19 Bank of Abyssinia DB Bole 1bCorporate Office Building Project (estimated total floor area of 39,000 to 42,000 m2).

Interested companies fulfilling the following minimum requirements may participate in this invitation for Expression of Interest (EOI):

1.       Registrations: - Eligible company are required to be registered for provision of such /similar services submitting the copies of :

1.1     Renewed Business and/or Professional license(s);

1.2     Valid registration certificates including VAT, TIN, Tax Clearance (for local companies).

2.       Documentation: The following documents shall be used for critical review and screening of the companies’ profile.

2.1     Company Descriptions: A detailed company outline which at minimum recites:

        Company name and address (Physical address; Telephone; Fax; Email andContact info etc.);

        Company Specialization – i.e. company’s area of specialization and its believed to be competencies;

        Affiliations: details of joint-venture, subsidiaries, affiliated local or international companies if there are any;

2.2     Experience &Capacities:A narrative of the company’s overall life history and it’s achievements including:

        Project performance history:Details of major projects (including their owners and budgets) undertaken by the company and/or performed as a subcontractor; (copies of Testimonies, Certificates of recognition etc. will have to be attached);

        Capacity:Detailed report  of the company’s Economic, Financial and Human Resources;

        Proposed Methodologies:

3.       Bidding:

3.1     The bid document shall be collected from Abyssinia Bank located at Bole Road Africa Avenue, next to Ethiopian Investment Commission Office, during office hours.

3.2     Properly sealed Expression of Interest (accompanied with a letter of intent) shall be submitted at or before May 07, 2019, 4:30PM.

3.3     The EOI opening will be held on May 08,2019 at 9:30AM in the presence of bidders or their legal representatives Near Leghar Bank of Abyssinia Head Office 2nd Floor Meeting Room.

4.       General condition

4.1     This preliminary invitation is an expression of interest to pre-qualify potential Companies for the subsequent screening or bidding process; therefore, no financial offers  and bid bonds are required at this stage;

4.2     Only companies that possess the required professional, technical and financial capabilities shall be considered for the second stage selection process. In particular, the Bank will be in favor of those companies who  have successfully performed similar projects at comparable level in the past;

4.3     Bank of Abyssinia reserves the right to change or cancel this requirement at any time in the EOI and/or solicitation process;

4.4     Interested Companies may request and obtain details regarding scope of the work and other information through the following  contact address:

5.       The bank reserves the right to cancel all or part of the EOI at any time.

Bank of Abyssinia

Procurement Department

Tel: +251 - 11 558 4271/+251- 11 558 4462

E-mail- [email protected]

Fax: +251 - 11 5583825

P.O. Box – 12947