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TechnoServe ( TNS .bid for Garage Service..

Advert For Garaje Service

TechnoServe (TNS) is a non-profit international development organization founded in 1968. Our mission is to help entrepreneurial men and women break the cycle of poverty by building businesses that create jobs, income, and economic opportunities for their families, their communities, and their countries. As a partner with The Ethiopian Coffee and Tea Authority, TechnoServe aims to support the creation of a sustainable Ethiopian coffee industry that can lift millions of coffee farming families out of poverty. Over the past decade in Ethiopia, TechnoServe has supported the establishment of 100 new coffee washing stations and trained 160,000 farmers in sustainable farming practices. TechnoServe believes that with the right vision, coordination, and on-the-ground awareness, Ethiopia’s coffee industry can grow into a multi-billion-dollar export business benefitting producers and the country as a whole.

TechnoServe Ethiopia is inviting Garaje owners to submit a proposal (including CV, Liscence ,insurance which is a current one and any previous experience with other companies.

The contract period  will be for a period of 1 year:

Responsibilities of the Garaje

·    The garaje is responsible for the purchase of original spare parts whenever it needed to be purchased for all TechnoServe vehicle.

·    The garaje is responsible for any mechanical failure which are mainly caused due to maintenance problem.

·    All maintenance for the TechnoServe vehicles should be started immediately when called by the garaje.

·    The garage will take full responsibilities for all TechnoServe vehicles which are placed there for maintenance. The garaje will be liable for any damage caused on the vehicle due to any accident , theft , fire, etc.while the vehicles are under their premise.

·    The garaje should place one mechanic person to taste the vehicle after maintenance together with TechnoServe person.

·    All changed spare parts should be returned to TechnoServe at the end of the maintenance.

·    When spare parts are to be purchased it should first be communicated to TechnoServe s technical person.

·    TechnoServe focal person should be allowed to follow up the maintenance of the vehicles while being there in the garaje on the daily basis.

·    The garaje needs to take all maintenance cases including insurance covered costs.