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Support to the reintegration of returnees in Ethiopia

Request for support for the reintegration of Returnees in Ethiopia

Background & Justification

With the financial support of the EU and in collaboration with the Ethiopian Government, the ILO has been providing (through its technical cooperation project “Support to the reintegration of returnees in Ethiopia”) supportto address some of the challenges experienced by Ethiopian migrant returnees from Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) in 2013/2014to reintegrate them economically and socially. The ILO is providing tailored services responding to the returnees’ needsand is offering a package of interventions that include financial services as well as skills development interventions (life skills, financial literacy, entrepreneurship skills and vocational skills training). To effectively complement these interventions and strengthen the reintegration effort for returneesthe ILO would like to partner with a local Nongovernmental Organization to organize returnees into savings and credit cooperatives (SACCOs).


The overall objective of this assignment is to provide Business Management Skills, (using ILO Generate your Business, Start your Business and Improve your Business tools), financial education and Life Skills training to 3,000 KSA returnees and establish savings and credit cooperatives in the target woredas of Oromia, Tigray and Amhara regions. 

The support should specifically aim at:

  1. Identifying returnees and providing entrepreneurship (Start and Improve you Business), financial education and life skills training;
  2. Providing business development services including mentoring and coaching support for 3.5 months; and
  3. Support returnees in establishing savings and credit cooperatives by providing seed money and linking them up to regional cooperative bureaus.

Expected Output

  • 3,000 returnees equipped with the necessary knowledge, skills and attitude on Entrepreneurship Skills training (deploying ILO GYB, SYB and IYB tools), financial education and Life Skills training;
  • 3,000 trainees coached to bevisionary businesspersons;
  • Capacity of trainees built to generate business ideas, and change their problems to business opportunities;
  • Trainees enabled to review their businesses, identify challenges and draw opportunities;
  • Trainees equipped with the knowledge, skills and attitude of Asset Based Community Development (ABCD) concepts;
  • Returnees engaged in income generating activities (IGAs)
  • Experience sharing opportunities among returnees created
  • Technical support provided to establish SACCOs in collaboration with Cooperative offices;
  • Business development services including mentoring and coaching support for 3.5 months provided; and
  • Returnees are provided sustainable BDS support mechanism through different level SACCOs bureaus.


The beneficiaries will be 3000 KSA returnees (of year 2013) from the three regions namely Amhara, Oromia and Tigray (1000 returnees per region). Specific target Woredas are:

  • Amhara: North Shewa zone (Yifat and Ataye), North wollo (Kobo and Mersa), South wollo (Mekane Selam and Kelela) and Oromia special zone (ChefeRobit and Kemisse)
  • Oromia:Arsi zone (Sherka and Jeju), West Arsi zone (GedebAsasa and Adaba), and Jimma zone (Setema and Sigmo)
  • Tigray:AtsbiWumberta, Wukro, Ahferom, SaesieTsaedaEmba, HintaloWajirat, Raya Alemata, Raya Azebo


  • An Inception Report complete with methodology for undertaking the assignment; key resources/materials employed and detailed work plan within one week following the signing of the agreement.
  • A Progress Report which summarizes activities implemented and finances utilized.
  • A Final technical and financial report once businesses and SACCOs have been established, outputs are delivered and a sustainable support mechanism has been but in place.

Time Frame

The Nongovernmental Organization’s engagement will be for5.5 months after the signing of the agreement between the two parties. The task will be projected to commence as shortly as possible after the signing of the agreement and approval of the inception phase report.

Required Qualifications/Eligibility

  • The Nongovernmental Organizationshould be capable of assembling/ providing a team of technical experts that can deliver the above activities and outputs. It is expected that the leader of the team will need to have a post graduate Degree in Social Sciences or Development Studies, or another relevant field, with 5 years’ experience.
  • Experience working with government and relevant bodies as well as target communities, preferably returnees;
  • Knowledge and proven experience in providing life skills training, and business development skills (BDS) and financial literacy training to low-income or vulnerable groups;
  • Knowledge of the Savings and Credit Cooperative system in the Country, and proven experience in establishing vulnerable groups and their businesses in the form of SACCOs, and in provision of BDS/coaching support;
  • Capacity and mandate to work in the regions of Amhara, Oromia &Tigray;
  • Preferably a proven knowledge of the UN system in general and the ILO in particular and their working procedures.
  • A local Non-Governmental Organization with a legal status in Ethiopia.


Interested applicantsshould submit their Expression of Interest, a detailed technical and financial proposal including workplan, human resource capacity, copy of credentials and legal registration certificate, previous year’s audit report of the Nongovernmental Organization, Nongovernmental Organizationprofile and other supporting documents that show previous work experience, by hand delivery, or post-mailto the below address.

The Administrative Assistant (Migration)
Congo Building, Room No. 536

ILO Country Office for Ethiopia, Djibouti, Somalia, Sudan and South Sudan
PO Box 2788

UNECA Compound- Addis Ababa

Only short-listed candidates will be communicated

Deadline for submitting the applications: 22 June 2018