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Lion International Bank S.C. (LIB ... TO LOCAL COMPETITIVE BIDDING for the procurement of items Automatic Teller Machines, and etc


Bid Ref. No. NCB/LIB/011/2018-19

Lion International Bank S.C. (LIB) invites sealed bids from eligible Bidders for the procurement of the following items.

Lion International Bank


1.      Interested Bidders can obtain a complete set of bid documents from the LIB’s Head Office, Procurement & Facilities Management Department, located at Haile G/Selassie Avenue, LEX Plaza Building 4th floor, commencing from Monday, March 18, 2019 during work hours upon payment of a non-refundable fee of Birr 100.00 (Birr One Hundred only) for Each Category;   

2.      Along with the Bid Documents, Bidders should provide copy of Renewed Trade License, VAT Registration Certificate, TIN Certificate and Tax Clearance Letter from Ministry of Revenue.

3.      Bidders should provide Manufacturer Authorization Letter for CAT- 01.

4.      Only for CAT-03 bidders can participate either for a single or whole items.

5.      The Bid document shall be submitted accompanied by bid security in the form of  unconditional Bank Guarantee or Cash Payment Order (CPO) as follows:-

 CAT–01, Birr 150,000.00.

 CAT-02,

Bidders who want to participate for a single item

• for Diary, Imported....................................birr 70,000.00

• for Desk calendar, Imported......................birr 30,000.00

• for Pocket Diary,  Imported........................birr 35,000.00 and  Bidders who want to participate for whole items birr 135,000.00

 CAT-03, birr 10,000.00 and

 CAT-04 2% of total Bid Price.

Lion International Bank

1.       Submission of bid after the closing date & time will not be accepted and the document will be returned unopen.

2.       Bidders are strongly advised to read and comply with the instructions provided in the bid Document.

3.      The Bank reserves the right to fully or partially accept or reject the bid.

N.B.  For any further information you can contact the Procurement & Facilities Management Department on Tel No. 011-667-46-74/011-662-89-96

6.      Bid shall be deposited in the box provided at LIB’s Head Office; Haile G/Selassie Avenue, LEX Plaza Building 4th floor, A.A, as per the following schedule.