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CBO is floating this Expression of Interest (EOI) call to assess the potential asset evaluation service Suppliers available in the market and to update its potential suppliers

Request for Expression of Interest (EOI)


Cooperative Bank of Oromia (CBO) is one of the private banks in the industry. CBO began its banking operation in 2005. Since its establishment, CBO has played a major role in the economic transformation of the country in general and the cooperatives and agricultural societies in particular. Accordingly, the bank is working by opening 371 branches organized under ten districts across the country. The bank is working “To be the leading private bank in Ethiopia by 2025”. In a bid to realize this vision, the bank has been engaged in outsourcing its reevaluation of on movable and immovable acquired properties; so that more focus will be given for the bank’s core business activities.

Thus, CBO is floating this Expression of Interest (EOI) call to assess the potential asset evaluation serviceSuppliers available in the market and to update its potential suppliers list, for future bid process. Accordingly, the bank has identified some of the requirements to be included in the EOIdocuments to be submitted by asset evaluat or companies.

Description of Requirement

1          Cooperative Bank of Oromia here by seeks to pre-qualify a suitable vendor(s) with proven experience inmovable and immovable property and machineries evaluator that help it to outsource some of its acquired asset evaluation activities.

2          Interested property evaluators are invited to submit their EOI along with the following information:

A.        Detailed company profile which includes but not limited to history of the company, date of establishment, ownership structure, years in business, previous work experience with financial institutes, staffing and management structure.

B.        Valid and renewed trade license

C.        Tax clearance certificate

D.        VAT-registration certificate

E.        Certificate that attests the company is a registered from Federal Ministry of Trade

F.         Document showing the company’s experience in property evaluation for the specified jobs for different companies

G.        Document showing the company’s human, material, and relevant technical experience

H.        Document showing the company’s financial position including bank statement, profit and loss statement and balance sheet for the last two years

I.          Document showing clear organizational structure and professional base that help the property evaluator to strictly follow the day to day activities.

J.         Only the property evaluator possessing substantial record of performance is encouraged to participate.

K.        Those eligible property evaluators, who meet the bank’s pre-qualification criteria and have adequate expertise, acceptable experience and sufficient capacity would be invited to participate on a bid for the supply of property evaluator’s service in the future.

L.         Price quotes are not requested at this stage and CBO is merely looking for expression of interest from property evaluator who wants to establish partnership with the bank.

M.        A response to this request of expression of interest does not automatically ensure that any property evaluator is selected for invitation of Bid. Responses are used to short list property evaluator for future bid process, and will be carefully reviewed.

3          Shortlisted property evaluator firms will be invited to“Bid”which the bank may float in the future.

4          The Document Submitted by the property evaluator firms will be kept confidentially and used for the bank’s use only.

Submission Procedure and Deadline

1          Written EOI must be marked “Expression of Interest for the supply of property evaluation services” in the area of “movable and immovable properties, office equipment, machineries and fixed assets”.

2          The EOI should be delivered on or before 27/03/2019.

3          Submission place will be at the bank’s Procurement and Facility Management Process located on Bole Road,Dembel City Center 2nd Floor (kindly use up stare of lift No 6).

4          The cover page of EOI should indicate name of the company, office address, telephone, fax, email, and contact name.

5          Any EOI received after the deadline for submission or incomplete EOI will be rejected.

6          CBO reserves the right to accept or reject any or all of the EOI purposes.

Cooperative Bank of Oromia (S.C.)

P.O.Box 16936

Tel. 011-557-77-71/011-557-81-99

Addis Ababa