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 Consultancy Service- of ophthalmologists


Invitation for Firm/Individual Consultancy Service

(Bid # OE/OD/005/CS/18)

Orbis International – Ethiopia (OIE) supported projects namely Gurage, Gamo Gofa Konso Derashe and Ale, Wolaita, Kembata-Tembaro & Halaba SPW and south Omo rural eye care projects with focus on elimination of trachoma have been implementing the WHO recommended SAFE strategy to address the trachoma burden in the project intervention area in the past. OIE would like to assess the magnitude of active and blinding trachoma in relation to individual and environmental risk factors.

Therefore, Orbis International-Ethiopia is seeking one GTMP trained consultant ophthalmologists to lead Trachoma Impact Survey in twenty eight districts of SNNP regional state; five districts (Endagagn, Enemorna Ener, Ezha, Abeshige , Kebena,) of Gurage zone,  five  districts (Chencha, Kemba, Dita, Deremalo, and Mirab abaya) of Gamo Gofa  zone, Ale district of Segen Area Peoples zone, and eight districts (Boloso Sore, Boloso Bombe, Damot Sore, Damot Gale, Damot Pulasa, Damot Woyde, Dugan Fango and Kindo Diday) of Wolaita zone, North Ari of South Omo zone and seven districts (Kedida Gamela, Damboya, Kacha Bira, Angecha, Doyo Gena, Hadero Tunto, and Tembaro) of Kembata-Tembaro zone and Halaba special district  using electronic data collection tool of WHO Tropical  Data System.

The consultant must:

The consultant ophthalmologist must:-

  • be well versed in eye care and related community based research and surveys;
  • possess a minimum of certificate in ophthalmology and experience in the field of Trachoma survey
  • be familiar in producing scientific study (bio-medical or social);

have renewed licence and have Taxpayer Registration Certificate to justify only 2% withholding tax deduction or willing to have 30% of the overall payment retained with Orbis as withholding tax and ultimately paid to the appropriate government body.

The consultant will be tasked to train trachoma graders and recorders for three days (June 26-28, 2018) 2018) and be assigned to supervise data collectors in the field for the period between June 29 to September 5, 2018.

Interested and eligible consultant ophthalmologists are kindly requested to submit their most recent CV updated with relevant work experience, daily professional rate and per diem rate to work as a trainer and supervisor for the intended period indicated in the aforementioned geographic catchment areas.

  • Interested applicants can collect the detailed Terms of Reference (TOR) from Orbis International-Ethiopia Office or sending e-mail request to [email protected].
  • Winning consultants will be notified within one week of the closing date.

Bidders should submit their financial and technical offers separately in wax sealed envelopes to Orbis international Ethiopia on or before 19th  of June 2018 at 4:00 PM.

Orbis International-Ethiopia reserves the right to reject any or all bids and proposals.

Orbis International-Ethiopia

P.O. Box 23508 code 1000,

Yeka Sub-City, Haile Gebreselassie Avenue, Rebecca Building, 3rd floor,

Addis Ababa, EthiopiaTel.251 11 662 0996/7, Fax: 251 11 662 0995