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The Center for Victims of Trauma (CVT) is a US based non-profit humanitarian organization working on torture rehabilitation throughout the world. In Ethiopia, CVT is working in Tigray Region with the Eritrean refugees in AdiHarush and Mai Ayni refugee camps and in Gambella Region with the South Sudanese Refugees in Nguenyyiel refugee camp, training and supervising local and Eritrean/South Sudanese Counselors and providing trauma counseling interventions to the refugee population since 2013. CVT is registered with the Ethiopian Charities and Societies Agency under registration number 3056 as a foreign charity.

The Center for Victims of Trauma (CVT) is in the process of converting the accounting system of the organization to IPSAS standards given the requirement of the government to maintain a uniform financial reporting standard that would enable the readers of financial statements to have a better understanding of the reports produced by the entities responsible for providing their financial reports to the governing authorities and the public in general.

Given the fact that our organization, The Center for Victims of Trauma (CVT)has to prepare and produce the financial statements for the year ending December 31st 2019 in adherence to IPSAS standards and the requirements there on, we are looking for Consultant who could assist the transition and support our finance staff throughout the process.

Some of the tasks our organization expects from the consultant include, but not limited to;

Expected Deliverables: 

  • Revision of CVT’s financial manual, relevant part of HR and Procurement manual to IPSAS standards and the relevant legal frame work of the concerned line ministries.
  • Restructuring the Chart of Accounts of the Organization to applicable IPSAS standards and guiding the finance team as to which specific items should be booked to a given category in light of CVT’s programmatic expenditures.
  • Evaluate the current book keeping/transactional activities, methods adopted and used by the organization and put forward recommendations for implementation to improve the accounting practice of the organization in conformity to applicable IPSAS standards.
  • Review the current accounting practice of the organization and recommend the appropriate accounting system/method to be deployed by the organization in accordance to the provisions in IPSAS standards.Provide directions and guidelines to the finance staff on the accounting treatments to be followed based on the new accounting policy.
  • Provide the set of financial information that needs to be incorporated in the preparation of yearend financial statements and walkthrough the finance team on the production of such reports.
  • Review the overall financial management and transactional aspects of the organization in light of the IPSAS standards and put forward recommendation/adviceto the management of the organizationon how to move on with IPSAS adoption and guide/support the team in the process.

NOTE: The consultant is expected to use his expertise and lead IPSAS adoption process and the scope of the consultant engagement is by no means bound to the above mentioned points only. Thus, the consultant would assume the overall responsibility of introducing the conditions stated in IPSAS standards and take a lead role in adopting those ina way that it would represent CVT’s operations.

The consultant would be engaged on a long term basis – basically in three stages.

  1. In the first phase, the consultant would be engaged to assist the transition process and take a lead role in the process of converting CVT’s financial system to IPSAS standards.
  2. Once the conversion process to IPSAS standard has been finalized in the first stage and CVT finance staff are fully familiarized with the application of those standard, the consultant would review the works of the finance team around mid-year (approximately around June/July) and provide necessary feedback and support to rectify any deficiencies that may arise and place remedial actions to put things in order.
  3. Towards the end of the year, the consultant would engage with CVT once again to review major compliance issues in light of IPSAS standards, provide feedback and recommendations and lead the finance team towards the preparation of yearend financial statement.

The consultant would finalize the assigned duty once the annual financial reports/financial statements produced by CVT finance staff has been reviewed and confirmation has been obtained that the book of accounts of the organization for the year concerned has been prepared in adherence to IPSAS standards.  This is likely to take place in early 2010 with the completion of audit for the year 2019.

In consideration of the above mentioned service that is in demand by CVT, the organization is soliciting bids from potential consultants who would be interested to undertake the aforementioned service.   

Closing date and Time:

  • The quotation should be in two parts and each candidate shall submit its sealed and stamped TECHNICAL proposal marked as ‘TECHNICAL PROPOSAL’including copies of all relevant supporting documents and Financial Proposal in SEPARATE envelopes marked as ‘FINANICIAL PROPOSAL’ duly marking as ‘ORIGINAL’.
  • The bidders are required to submit their proposals and any supporting documents in hard copy to CVT Ethiopia Addis Ababa office located at Gerji, near Garageat MAG International Building, in L-shaped office when you enter the compound through the drive gate from the date of this advertisement until 13th of March 2019.
  • Further Information with regards to the Office address can be obtained at 011 629 11 99 during office hours.

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