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The Hohete Tibeb Share Company … Invitation to Evaluate Education System/ to hire professionals (consultant)/

The Hohete Tibeb Share Company (Ethio-Parents’ Schools) has planned to evaluate the performances of its Education and Technology Team (ETT).  Accordingly, the company would like to hire professionals (consultant) who shall undertake this task on the contractual bases.

Title: Education and Technology Team Performance Evaluator

Description- The professional (consultant) is expected to evaluate the overall performances of the company’s Education and Technology Team (ETT) since its establishment. The professional (consultant) is required to prepare action points on how to evaluate the chores of Education and Technology Team.  He/she also Prepares tools that will be used to guide and monitor the process of evaluating the performances of Education and Technology Team  by Conducting Comprehensive Assessment to identify:

          The improvements brought about as result of establishing ETT

          What and where the gaps are

          What the root cause(s) for the gap/s is/are

          How will ETT get to where it want to be

          The level of ETT staffs’ competency and others

Requirements: the ideal consultant (professional) shall have:

•          An experience of evaluating performances of similar institutions

•          Demonstrated knowledge in the area of education, management, pedagogy, psychology or other related areas

•          An experience in Grades 1-12 curriculum review, revision and/or development process.

•          An experience in teaching at different ladder of education, ranging from primary to university levels.

•          Exposure and familiarity with the implementation and/or evaluation of curriculum materials from grades 1-12 and educational programs/ projects.

•          Exposure and familiarity with the use, development, evaluation or editing supplementary teaching materials

•          Knowledge of the current curricula/syllabi and experience in educational research

Interested applicants who fulfill the above requirements can collect the TOR and submit their application with non returnable CV and copies of their testimonials within 15 days from the date of the announcement.

Adress: Gerji Mebrat Hayile (Power station) In front of UNITY UNIVERSITY

Telephone no. 0116297332