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Bid Reference No. PTN/2019/005

Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) is a non-governmental, humanitarian organization with 60 years of experience in helping to create a safer and more dignified life for refugees. NRC assists refugees within the sector of shelter, education, food security and WASH in Melkadida, Siti&Jigjiga (Somali Region), Assosa (Benshangul Gumiz Region), Gambella (Gambella Region) and Shire, HItsas&Misebri town (Tigray region.For smoother operation of its program NRC Ethiopia invites eligible bidders for supply of SolarLantern.

NRC would like to buy 1800 Pcs of Solar Lantern with the following specifications (yet, suppliers are encouraged to submit for related or better ones as well).

1.   Solar Lantern: Specification

•    Having dual charging options through Solar and AC adapters

•    Both light and mobile charging options on same device

•    Lifetime of 2 years or more

•    10 hours or more use per full charge to use for light and charging mobile phones

•    Separate energy source of solar panel to be connected

•    2 or more options of LED lights setting and levels

•    1 hour or more additional power saving mode system

•    Having options of charging 3 or more different types of mobile phones through USB

•    Having Global quality standard of lighting and/or Certification for countries of east Africa

•    Easy and portable for use in movements as hand torch

•    Cost of giving training for selected users on user manual and minor maintenance included in supply at 3 refugee camps in Shire area with 2 days per camp schedule.

2.   Delivery lead-time: ability to deliver all in not more than two weeks. Less lead-time will have value in technical analysis.

3.   All bidders should submit a valid registration Certificate from the federal Ministry of Finance, Valid renewed Trade licence for the year, VAT Registration Certificate and Tax payer registration certificate.

4.   Bidders are invited to submit their TOR for the training, Financial part of the bid and technical proposals of one original and one copy enclosed in a sealed envelope and accompanied by a bid bond of 2% of the bid price in the form of CPO. (Bid bond in any other form shall not be acceptable).

5.   Document submission date from Feb.20, 2019 to Feb,28, 2019. On Working Days: Monday – Friday,from 8:30AM to 10:30PM

6.   Last date of the bid submission will be on February 28,2019 at 10:00 A.M. and opened on the same date at 10:30am in the presence of bidders or their representative at NRC Country office located at Addis Ababa, Bole sub city, Woreda 03, Around EdnaMall, Adika Building 5th floor, Tele: 0116 61-99-80/81

7.   The final acceptance of items shall be after final inspection of the items delivered to NRC Addis Ababa Office.

8.   The bidders should provide signed and stamped supplier’s authorization letter, certificate of quality assurance and specification from the manufacturer.

9.   NRC – Ethiopia reserves the right to select supplier(s) that are viewed most suitable, which won’tbe based on least price alone.

10. NRC - Ethiopia reserves the right to reject all or part of the tender. NRC – Ethiopia reserves the right to select more than one supplier, and /or select only part of a candidate’s bid.

11. The present tender request is not an order and does not engage NRC on any legal ground or financial commitment

12. Norwegian Refugee Council reserves the Right to Accept or reject any tender application and is not bound to give reasons for this decision thereof.

13. All bids shall be sealed and Addressed to NRC Ethiopia.

Norwegian Refugee Council

Logistics Department

Addis Ababa

Tele: 0116 61-99-80/81