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Julphar pharmaceuticals…CALL FOR TENDER for provide Disinfectant ,water treatment chemicals ,Supplies and Cleaning Materials.



BidNo. JUL/ETH/SC/002/19

Julphar pharmaceuticals PLC -Ethiopia Invites Interested and Eligible Manufacturer (Suppliers) to provide Disinfectant ,water treatment chemicals , Supplies and Cleaning Materials. These are listed below.

1. Examination Glove (Latex free and slightly powdered) and Surgical Glove

2. Lock Tie

3. Shoe Cover and Mouth Cover

4. Glue

5. Scotch Tape

Pharmaceuticals Grade Water Treatment Chemicals & Disinfectant

6.Ethanol 96 %,( appearance:  clear colorless liquid, Solubility: miscible with water & methylene chloride)

7. Divosan( appearance:  clear colorless liquid),

8.Huwa-San TR-50 (appearance: colorless liquid,Oder: Almost odorless, pungent)

9. Isopropyl alcohol (appearance:clear colorless liquid,Solubility:miscible with water& alcohol, relative density: 0.785 to 0.789)

10.Causticsoda,Sodium hypo-chlorate(Chlorine), Phosphoric acid 85%

    Manufacturer (Suppliers) shall dispatch the list of products that can supply to  Julphar pharmaceuticals plccommencing February 17, 2019 until February 27, 2019 to Supply chain department; Gerji Mebrat hayl Jackross area during office hour Monday to Friday (8:00AM to 5:00PM)

    The bidder shall provide renewed trade license, Tax clearance certificate, Tin certificate and VAT/TOT Registration is mandatory.

    For any require please don’t hesitate to contact supply chain department on Tel: 0116 670586/0116 670594

    Julphar Pharmaceutical Plcreserves the right to accept or reject the bid either partially or fully as found appropriate.