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The Pharo Foundation BGRS Programme Office INVITATION FOR BIDs Drilling and Construction works


Tender No. 001

Drilling and Construction works

The Pharo Foundation BGRS Programme Office invites sealed bids from eligible bidders (Contractors) for drilling and construction works of one Deep well at Homosha Woreda and 17 Shallow wells in Menge woreda located in Assosa Zone of the BGRS Region. The sources of funds of the works is the Foundations BGRS Integrated Livelihoods Development Programme.

  1. Bidding will be conducted in accordance with open national tendering procedures as stipulated in the instruction to bidders and is open to all bidders from eligible countries.
  2. The bides are open to all eligible bidders fulfilling the following requirements: -
    1. The bidder must process a construction license of GC IV (4) or WWC IV (4) and above that has been renewed for the budget year 2011 E.C.
    2. The Bidders should be registered at supplier list and should present registration certificate up on procurement and submission of the bids
    3. A Certificates of Registration at the Ministry of Water, irrigation and Electricity resources, Ministry of Construction Development renewed for the year 2011 E.C.
    4. Copies of TAX Clearance, registration certificates for VAT and TIN must be presented for procurement of the biding documents.
    5. The tenders should be accompanied by bid security of 2% of the contract price in the form of Bank Guarantee or CPO.
    6. Interested eligible bidders may obtain the bids from Addis Ababa, The Foundations Head Office’s Administration and finance division within 10 calendar days on any working day from 8:30 AM to 05:00PM.
  3. One original and one copy of Technical and Financial Bids sealed in accordance with the requirements presented in the instructions to Bidders should be submitted to the address below on/before 10st calendar day after bid notification. The bid will be closed on 10st days at 3:00 P.M local time. This means bid will be closed on 20th February 2019  . The bids will be opened on the same date  in the afternoon at 3:30 P.M local time in the presence of the Bidders or representatives who choose to attend at Addis Ababa Head Office.
  4. Bidders may obtain further information and, inspect the bidding documents at The Pharo Foundation Ethiopia, Addis Ababa Office in person or through cable at +251 11 6684646
  5. The bids will be valid for 56 days after bid opening.
  6. Completion time of the project construction is 2 Months.
  7. The Programme office reserves the right to accept or reject all or parts of the bid.

The Pharo Foundation Ethiopia, Addis Ababa, Bole Sub city, GB Building, HN 991/1

Note: Our office is located on the 2nd floor of GB building on the main road from Lem Hotel to Anbesa Garage right before the flyover (Bole subcity, Woreda 5, HN 991

Tel- +251 11 6684646 Addis Ababa, Ethiopia


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