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The Ministry of Trade and Industry, Imprest Administrator ... Invitation for Firm/Individual Consultancy Service’ Call for Proposals “Quality, Technology Transfer, Innovation and Productivity Scheme QTIPS

Innovation Productivity Scheme QTIPS” in Ethiopia

(Reference Number: CP/001/2018/TTF PE3)

1. Contracting Authority - The Ministry of Trade and Industry, Imprest Administrator.

2. Nature of contract - Service contract (fee based).

3. Purpose of the Invitation

The aim of this Invitation is to establish a pool of potential assessors and select those who will participate in the evaluation of Concept Notes and Full Applications submitted under the Call for Proposals “Local Publication for Call for Proposal” The Reporter, Sunday 23 December, 2018 for EU Grant-Transformation Triggering Facility (TTF), Quality, Technology Transfer, Innovation and Productivity Scheme; Publication reference: CP/001/2018/TTF PE3. In the process of selection of assessors, the priority will be given to those who have more professional experience in the fields relevant to this TTF Project.

4. Objectives of the Invitation and expected results

Objective of the Invitation

The Contracting Authority hereby invites experts to submit applications to assist the Contracting Authority in the selection of the best proposals received under Call for Proposals “Quality, Technology Transfer, Innovation and Productivity Scheme QTIPS” in Ethiopia" under implementation responsibility of the Ministry of Trade and Industry (MoTI) and is aimed at supporting private sector expansion, business and industry growth and private SMEs and state-owned companies to upgrade and become globally competitive and to achieve a transparent, high-quality, complete and coherent selection process of projects in line with Transformation Triggering Facility (TTF) QTIPS Guidelines with the criteria set in the application grant.

5. Necessary requirements

Assessors are expected to have skills and knowledge appropriate to the field of expertise in which they are asked to assist.

Qualifications and skills

  • Have a bachelor degree with minimum 10 years experience, 8 years for master degree and 5 years for PHD;
  • be fluent in speaking, reading and writing in English;
  • be computer literate.

General professional experience:

  • Experience in one of the following sectors is an asset: textile, leather, and agro-processing projects   

Specific professional experience:

  • Experience in assessing applications under calls for proposals financed from the EU or from other national or international donors;
  • Experience in assessing industrial SMEs projects (technically and financially);
  • Experience in the project preparation and/or implementation in the fields of textile, leather & agro-processing;
  • Practical experience in a manufacturing environment at managerial level is an asset;
  • Knowledge/experience related to EDF rules and procedures is an asset. 

6. Location: Assessors shall work in the premises of the Contracting Authority. The Contracting Authority is located in Ministry of Trade and Industry, Bole Sub-city, behind the Flamingo Restaurant.

7. Submission of Applications

Interested applicants who fulfill the above requirements can submit their applications with CV and non returnable copies of credentials to Policy and Program Study, Monitoring and Evaluation Directorate 4th floor room number 404 in person or through [email protected] e mail within 5 working days from the date of this announcement.  /deadline for submission of applications is February 15, 2019 5:00 PM./


Address:  Ministry of Trade and Industry

         Beside Exhibition Center or

                              Bole Road Behind Flamingo Restaurant