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EngenderHealth Expression of Interest to Conduct Capacity Gap Assessment related to FP and CAC/SAC at the FMoH, selected RHBs and Zonal Health Departments

Expression of Interest to Conduct Capacity Gap Assessment related to FP and CAC/SAC at the FMoH, selected RHBs and Zonal Health Departments




EngenderHealth is a leading global organization committed to the belief that sexual reproductive health has been respected as a human right that access to quality of SRH services is a vital for women and girls to reach their full potential. Currently, EngenderHealth is implementing a project called FP by Choice (FPbC) project.The programme is part of a partnership between DFID and Ethiopia FMoH, and aims to provide Technical Assistance and Capacity Building to the FMoH and RHBs to improve quality, equity, choice and financing for comprehensive family planning and safe abortion services (SAC) in Ethiopia.The project involves different capacity building and technical assistance activities.


EngenderHealth has been working closely with Ministry of Health (FMoH) at all levels to contribute to the reduction of maternal mortality and morbidity in Ethiopia by expanding access to quality comprehensive contraceptive services and comprehensive abortion care (CAC) in 6 regions and two city administration. Furthermore, EngenderHealth is continuing its effort in providing technical assistance to FMOH and RHBs contributing to improve accessibility, availability, and utilization of quality FP and other RH services.


The FPbC project is funded by DFID and delivery agents are Marie Stopes International Ethiopia (MSIE) and EngenderHealth, in collaboration with the FMoH, RHBs and Addis Ababa University. The project aims to accelerate Ethiopia’s achievement of its FP2020 commitments, by creating a strong health systems capacity.  This includes capacity building of health managers and service providers to have the necessary skills to address unmet need and reach vulnerable and underserved populations.


The FPbC project intends to undertake capacity gap assessment related with Family planning (FP) and abortion services at the FMoH selected directorates and agencies, and selected Regional Health Bureaus(RHBs) and Zonal Health Departments. The assessment report will synthesize the findings from the data collected using the primary and secondary methods.As part of this effort, EngenderHealth wants to identify and engage threetemporary consultants/resource personsfor one month; February 28 -March 29/2019(30 consecutive days including weekends) who will take part in designing the assessment protocol and tools, data collection, data analysis and report writing including clear recommendation on areas and ways of capacity building.



Interested consultant can collect TOR from Engenderhealth office in the following address from Feb 12, 2019 free of charge.

Dear line for submission Feb 19,[email protected]:00 local time

Engender Health Inc,

Tel 011 6-63-08-33

P.O. Box 156 Code1110

Djibouti Avenue

Infront of Abegaz Tower/ArounfWorkuBuidlding

Addis Ababa