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Baheran Trading PLC Call for consultancy service to undertake the study of Organizational structure, job analysis & job grading, salary scale & benefit scheme and job description.

Invitation  for consultancy Service bid

Baheran   Trading    PLC Call  for   consultancy     service   to   undertake     the   study   of Organizational    structure,    job  analysis  & job  grading,   salary  scale & benefit   scheme and job  description.    So those  who  fulfils  the  requirements     listed  here  in below  are invited   to  submit   the  necessary  documents   to  Baheran  Trading   PLC , in front   of St.

Lideta    church,    Dashen  Bank  Building   ,ih floor   office   no.  710  within    10 working

days. Requirements

1.  The consultancy   firm  should  have  legal  registration    and  renewed   license

2.  The consultancy   firm  should  provide   TIN and VAT certificates.

3.  The  consultancy    firm   should   submit   the  financial    and  technical    proposals with  wax  sealed  posts

4.   Recommendation     letter   from  other   organization    ( three   most  recent reference).

5.  The consultancy    firm  should  collect  the  TOR prepared   for  this  purpose  from the  above  address.

Note:  - The Company   has reserves  of the  right  to  rejecfall    or  parts  of the  bid.