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For Pilot Dissemination of Market and Weather Information to Farmers via Mobile App)

Request for Expression of Interest (EOI)

(For Piloting the Dissemination of Market and Weather Information to Farmers via

Mobile App)


Agriculture is the backbone of Ethiopian’s economy. It is the source of livelihood for nearly 83% of the population in the country. However, the agriculture sector in Ethiopia is facing a number of challenges that ranges from natural resources degradation to climate change and variability that affects productivity and food security. Specifically, climate change is affecting agricultural sector more than anticipated, making adapting the sector to effects of climate change deserves priority attention.

Cognizant to this problem Farm Africa with the fund support from CTA has embarked a project called Accelerating the Uptake of Climate-smart Agriculture for Improved Agricultural Productivity of Smallholder Farmers in Halaba, Hadero Tuntu and Damot Gale woredas in SNNPRS of Ethiopia”. The objective of the project is to improve agricultural productivity and adaptive capacity to climate uncertainties for smallholder farmers, through accelerated field uptake of CSA bundle of CSA practices using ICT tools. The major project activities focus on providing bundle of CSA practices and comprises mainly the following three areas:

·    ICT-based (Mobile app, SMS,  and FM radio based) climate information & advisory services,

·    Improved climate-smart farming practices

·    ICT-based market information

Purpose and key tasks

The purpose of this task is to pilot the dissemination of timely weather and market information via mobile app to 50 target beneficiaries thus will help them to improve their agricultural productivity and income. The major tasks includes the following;

1.  Develop training materials and conduct training on the use of mobile app in receiving and dissemination of market and weather information.

2.  Develop the mobile application and install in 50 android smart phones and disseminate market and weather information via mobile app to the 50 beneficiaries.

3.  To provide market information two times a week and weather forecast every ten days to 50

smart phone user beneficiaries as well as monthly/quarterly seasonal forecast for the period of one year.

4.  Conduct beneficiary feedback section regularly in collaboration with Farm Africa on the use of market and climate info received via mobile app and document the learnings.


1.  Legally certified institute to provide ICT based weather and market info through mobile app and related mechanisms.

2.  Expert in preparation of training documents and provision of trainings on the use of mobile app and related to market and weather information sharing platforms.

3.  The service provider should have a minimum of five years’ practical experience in the field