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Pact …. Request for Quotation For the purchase of Office Furniture as per the following requirement.


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Request for Quotation

For the purchase of Office Furniture as per the following requirement.

Pact is a US-based organization that has been engaged in a number of poverty alleviation and development program in Ethiopia since 1996. Pact’s unique contribution as a development partner lies in the vitality, breadth and sectorial composition of its development programs.

Pact would like to purchase Officer Furniture from potential supplier for Project purpose.

Accordingly Pact invites potential and reliable suppliers fulfilling the following criteria.

  1. Renewed trade license
  2. TIN number
  1. VAT Registration certificate
  2. Experience in supplying of similar items, document showing such experience should be attached.
  3. Has the ability/capacity to meet deadlines for delivering the items.
  4. Has past experience of supplying such items to similar organizations by meeting deadlines.


Prices should be fixed and it includes all cost of delivery to Pact Ethiopia Office. Price should also specify whether it is before or after VAT.


Quotes shall remain valid for one month from the due date of receipt of quotes. In exceptional circumstances, prior to expiry of the original offer validity period, Pact may request that the offer or extend the period of validity for a specified additional period.

Delivery Date: not later than one month after placing order (signing Purchase Order).

  1. Pact shall not be responsible for any costs related to the preparation and submission of the quotation.
  2. Late quotes shall not be considered.
  3. Pact has the right to cancel or reject the whole or parts of the bid as deemed serves its interest
  4. Pact may request for sample checking of the product during the selection process as deemed necessary.

Evaluation of Quotes:

Quotes will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

  • Adherence to product specifications.
  •  Price
  • Delivery date
  • Past experience and performance in supplying similar items.
  • Availability of material at stock

Award Criteria:

Pact is not obligated to make an award by virtue of having issued this solicitation. Any award is predicated on Pact receiving funding for this express purpose.  Pact can only make an award if the product fully complies with the technical specifications mentioned in the RFQ. Pact may make an award to a single offeror should such an award be advantageous to Pact.  Alternatively, Pact may make awards to different offerors should such multiple awards be more advantageous to Pact. Any award(s) will be made to the responsible offeror whose offer(s) has/have been determined to be most advantageous to Pact. Pact reserves the right to cancel or reject the offer, in part or the whole as deemed best serve its interest

The bidders should submit the quotation in person with WAX SEALED ENVELOP with copy of the quote to Pact Ethiopia Office until February 5, 2019, before 5: P.M and late quotes shall not be considered.   

Pact’s office is located at Wuhalemat area, Bole Sub-City Woreda 4, House N0. 533. Telephone: •+251-11- 661 65 72/26 44/63 04/67 22     


Please collect the document which describes the list of Item and Type from Pact before the deadline of submission and submit your price for each item in neat and visible manner. If you amend your price please sign on it before submission.