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CRDA/CORE Group Polio Project (CGPP) wants to hire competent consultant who could facilitate operational research and consult CGPP staff throughout the research work.



The Consortium of Christian Relief and Development Associations (CCRDA) and The Child Survival Collaboration and Resource Group (CORE Group) have agreed to work together to support and coordinate efforts of Private Voluntary Organizations (PVOs) and NGOs operating in Ethiopia on polio eradication intervention towards the achievement of polio free country.

CCRDA/CORE Group Polio Project (CGPP) wants to hire competent consultant who could facilitate operational research and consult CGPP staff throughout the research work. The objective of this consultancy work is to identify and conduct operational research, and to equip CGPP staff and Partners staffs with knowledge and skill on operational research.

1.         The assignment requires the following qualifications and experiences

•          Experience of research in health and publication in reputable journals,

•          Public health background with PHD and teaching  experience in higher education institute,

•          Strong knowledge and skill on health monitoring and evolution and health management information system,

•          Strong English language writing skills,

•          Knowledgeable on country health policy and the national PHEM and immunization program

•          Knowledge on the NGO sector is an added value

2.         Duties of the consultant-:

The Consultant will work with the CGPP Secretariat Director and all staff. The consultant will be responsible for the following activities: 

•          Review relevant project documents and with the CGPP secretariat staff, partners and HQ management to ensure clarity and understanding of the objectives of the overall project in Ethiopia,

•          Develop activity plan and get approval from Secretariat Director

•          Brief regularly about the status of the assignments and submit written activity reports to      CGPP Secretariat Director

•          Develop survey protocol describing the topics, objectives, methods, activities and intended outcomes of the operational researches,

•          Identify authorities which grant ethical clearance to publish research outcomes/articles

•          Engage the CGPP Staff and develop operational research data collection tools

•          Lead and facilitate the data collection process (recruit and train qualified data collectors, interviewers, and focus group facilitators in consultation with the partners’ field staff and woreda health offices) 

•          Develop data entry template using appropriate software

•          Conduct data entry, cleaning, analysis and presentation

•          Produce survey reports and develop work plan for project reprograming and implementation of recommendation,

•          Provide technical support and backstopping service in relation to operational research for CGPP secretariat staff and partners to conduct simple and relevant OR in relation to the CGPP project

•          Convene regular meetings with the CORE Group Ethiopia staff to share lessons learned, disseminate information, discuss challenges, and find solution.

•          Prepare articles together with CGPP staff to be published in reputable journals and disseminate the information in partner forums and any other important conference

3.         The duration of the consultancy work is expected to be eight (8) months (February 1, 2019 – September 30, 2019) with possible extension.

4.         During his/her consultancy will be par time worker (three days a week) for CGPP Ethiopia and work as per the organization working time procedure.

5.         CGPP will avail office space and equipment for his/her stay in the organization.

6.         Key tasks of the consultant are specified on the ToR to be collected from the CCRDA office at Kality, Room No. 304.

7.         Bidders should prepare and submit separately sealed detailed technical and financial proposals within ten working days starting from the first day of the bid announcement CCRDA office Room no. 304. 

8.         CCRDA/CORE Group Polio Project reserves the right to reject all or part of the bid.


Consortium of Christian Relief and Development Associations (CCRDA)

Akaki Kality Sub City

Tel. +251 011 439 06 52/ +251 011 439 33 32

Debre Ziet Road, Adjacent to the Kality Ring road-round about, In front of Driving and Mechanics Training Center