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Holt International Children’s Services, Inc…BID ANNOUNCEMENT FOR EXTERNAL AUDIT SERVICE..


Holt International Children’s Services, Inc. is an international non-profit US based child welfare organization, licensed by the Ethiopian Government to provide services for children and their families at risk.

Holt International Children’s Services Ethiopia invites qualified and registered audit firms recognized by the Accounting and Auditing Board of Ethiopia (AABE) to submit their technical and financial proposals for auditing the book of accounts of the organization for the period of year 2018. Eligible audit firms must produce the following documents and information:

1.    Tin and Vat Registration Certificate

2.         Renewed trade license and certificate of registration

3.         Time frame to accomplish the task.

The bidders are expected to submit their technical and financial proposal in person in separate sealed envelope within 7 days of this announcement. For additional information please contact us with the following address:

Holt International Children’s Services Ethiopia

Yeka Sub-City, Wereda 08,

 Behind Deneberewa Hospital, Beside Universal Medical College

Tel: 0116627990