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The Population Council…. Invitation for Qualified Firms for Audit Work

Invitation for Qualified Firms for Audit Work

The Population Council would like to invite qualified and registeredAudit Firms who are recognized by the Charities and Societies Agency to submit their proposals to be appointed as external auditor to undertake the audit of its accounts.

Eligibility Criteria:

Any authorized audit firm who qualify to apply shall therefore fulfill the following minimum criteria for eligibility:

1.             Relevant experience for at least 4 years in the INGO sector

2.            Renewed trade license of the current year

3.            Who meets the qualification criteria by Charities and Societies Agency and currently in the list

4.            VAT and TIN registration certificate

5.            Chartered Certified Accountant Certification (Certificate of Professional Competence)

6.            Who can commit contractual obligationfor the next 3 (three) fiscal periods.


Qualified Audit Firm can submit as per the following procedures:

1.             Submit financial &technical proposal separately in a sealed envelope to Population Council Ethiopia office within 10 days starting from the next date of bid announcement as appeared in the news paper

2.            Selection will be only based on the above criteria and who should submit competitive price with clear mode of payment.  Any government tax should be included in the proposal.

3.            Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted for further discussion and negotiation

All Proposals should be submitted to:  The Population Council Inc. Ethiopia Office, until January 16, 2019 to the following address between 8:00am  to 5:00pm

                                                The Population Council Inc.

                                                On Bole Medhanealem Road

                                                Heritage Plaza Building 4th Floor

                                                Near Brass Hospital, Opposite to the Tanzania Embassy

                                                P.O.Box 25562 Code 1000, Tel. 0116631712/14/16

                                                Addis Ababa