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Invitation for Bid

ZOA Relief| Hope| Recovery is an international NGO registered with the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, Charities and Societies Agency as Foreign Charity under registration certificate number 0739 to work in the fields of emergency relief and recovery operations to support the lives of refugees, returnees, internally displaced and victims of conflicts and natural disasters

ZOA Relief /Hope/Recovery Ethiopia would like to invite qualified Contractors for the Construction of 37(thirty Seven)Segregated Communal Latrine;in Somali Regional State Liben Zone; 30 in  Deka Suftu and 7 inFiltu  under DOLLO ADO ZOA Field Office

Bid participants shall present the following documents with their bid document.

  • Copy of Renewed Business license.
  • Copy of VAT registration Certificate.
  • Tax identification number (attach copies of the certificates).
  •  Sample of Legal invoice (pre-printed) copy
  • Relevant document which can show past performance and experience working with NGO, UN organization in Dollo Ado
  • Right document to participate in bid.


  • Bidder must present CPO for 2% of total price of the total cost.
  • Bidders must submit their sealed bid document
  • The organization reserves the right to accept or reject part or the entire bid.
  • Failure to comply with any of the above conditions will result in automatic rejection of the application.

Bidders shall Collect the bid document from  ZOARelief ꟾHopeꟾ Recovery Dollo Ado Field  office by paying non-refundable Birr 100 ETB.

Bid Docs shall be submitted to  ZOA Relief ꟾHopeꟾ Recovery Dollo Ado Field Office  up to June 20,2018 10:00 A.Mfrom the date of the announcement where as  bid will be opened at  the same date   on  10:30 A.Mat the presence of the bidders or their representative

For more information call: Tele.A.A0911 668063,0962162584,+251464490407


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