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Advertisement for Technical Support Specialists to Assist with the Implementation of PSNP4

Advertisement for Technical Support Specialists to Assist with the Implementation of PSNP4

The Productive Safety Net Program Phase Four (PSNP4) and the Rural Productive Safety Net Program (RPSNP)are integral components of the rural development policy of the government of Ethiopia, to support Ethiopia’s chronically and transitory rural food insecure households. The program is implemented in the eight regions of Afar, Amhara, Dire Dawa, Harari, Oromia, SNNPR, Somali, and Tigray. The program provides cash and/or food transfers to the chronically and transitory food insecure households.

In support of PSNP4 and RPSNP implementation, Technical Support Specialists (TSS) are needed to work within the Government of Ethiopia’s PSNP implementing agencies. TSSs provide specialized expertise to the implementing agencies and to the Directorate to which they are assigned. Their role is to perform PSNP-related services that government-funded staff are currently not in a position to perform, and to provide guidance to government staff as they learn new skills related to implementation of PSNP functions.

The recruitment of TSS to support PSNP4 implementation is managed by the Technical Assistance to Strengthen Capacity Development for PSNP consultancy, which is known by the acronym TASC. TASC is recruiting TSS, to provide services in support of the following PSNP4 functions and operations:

1.            Grievances and Targeting

The position is for a one-year term, renewable for a second year upon satisfactory performance.

All applicants are requested to submit a cover letter highlighting experience that matches the specific objectives indicated for each position and Curriculum Vitae (CV).Applications must be received on or before Friday, January 31, 2019. Applications are to be sent by email only to the email address that is mentioned at the end of each position’s description and requirements.

TASC promotes equal opportunity. Qualified women candidates are encouraged to apply.

Please note that while we thank all those who may apply for these positions, we regret that we will only be able to reply to those candidates who are selected for interview.

Synopses of Grievances and Targeting TSS position description and requirementsare presented as follows:

I. Grievances and Targeting TSS:

The Technical Support Specialist will function as part of a multi-sectoral team of specialists. The TSS will contribute to or lead activities to monitor targeting/re-targeting and evidence-based graduation processes, develop a functional program case management system, and engage with other programs to support social accountability and financial transparency for PSNP clients.TheGrievances and Targeting TSSwill be assigned to the Ministry of Agriculture (MoA), in support of the Food Security Coordination Directorate (FSCD), in Addis Ababa.

1.            Specific objectives: Among other assigned duties, the Grievances and Targeting TSS will carry out the following specific tasks:

a.            Provide specialized expertise to the Government of Ethiopia and to the Directorate to which they are assigned.

b.            Develop a functional Program Case Management System.

c.             Identify the gaps within the existing reporting system and in coordination with the FSCD Senior M&E Expert and the M&E TSS, revise tools to ensure that grievance reporting is established as part of the program’s regular monitoring and reporting system, including in the quarterly reporting.

d.            Work closely with the MIS developers to ensure that the GRM business processes are integrated into the PSNP Safety Net Management Information System (MIS) for future data collection and reporting.

e.            Ensure the quality implementation of the annual GRM Review.

f.             Collect/identify issues/challenges/implementation practices contributing to the delay of the Program Case verification processes; review the Program Case verification processes and provide recommendations to address the bottlenecks in order to speed up the processes.

g.            Identify strategies to strengthen the linkage between program’s GRM system and the wider government GRM system.

h.            Social Accountability (SA): Act as a focal point for the PSNP for the Ethiopia Social Accountability Project Phase 3 (ESAP3).

i.              Transparency & Accountability: Follow up on the establishment of a system that allows the program to follow the Financial Accountability and Transparency principles.

j.             Work and collaborate with other PSNP implementing partners, including NGOs, on social accountability adoption, practice and experience sharing.

k.            MonitorTargeting/Re-targeting and Graduation.

l.              Review and support evidence-based targeting process.

m.           Ensure that the TSS’s functions are successfully transferred to the government staff by the end of FY 2019/2020.

2.            Expert’s Profile

a.            Full time:This is a full-time position with a maximum 260 paid days per year as a team member of the TASC consultancy.

b.            Minimum number of years relevant or equivalent experience required: The Grievances and Targeting TSS should have a minimum of 5 years’ service in social protection programs or targeted anti-poverty programs.

b.            Required level of education:The candidate should have a minimum of MSc or above in any of social/public policy, development studies/management, or other related fields of study.

c.             Specific skills required: Practical knowledge and skills in:

i.              MS Office (Word, Excel), Internet;

ii.             Good understanding of case management systems;

iii.            Good problem-solving and communication skills;

iv.           Ability to work proactively and independently and write clearly and concisely.

d.            Language skills and proficiency: Fluency in spoken and written English and Amharic.

To apply for the Grievances and Targeting TSS position, please send your cover letter and CV to the following email address:[email protected]

The complete Terms of Reference for this position is posted at