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Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) Ethiopia...invitation for consultancy service access for appropriate shelter Targeted for refugee population


Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) Ethiopia, since 2011, works to improve the protection and living conditions of displaced and displacement-affected populations through education, food security and livelihoods, WASH, shelter and child protection interventions. NRC has been operational in Gambella and shire areas since 2013 focusing on shelter, education, food security and livelihood provision and vocational training for youth. NRC takes part in inter agency coordination, including the Sectorial Task Force meetings, and with the focus on YEP and livelihood components of ECHO project.

A consortium of Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) (Lead) and World Vision (WV) has been implementing ECHO funded project in Gamblella and Tgiray Region in response to South Sudanese and Eritrean refugee influx response. The project is under implementation in Jewi, Terkedi, Nygnueyyiel, Kule, Camps in Gambellla Region and Mai Ayni and Shimelba Camps in Tigray region.

Specific objective of the project

Targeted beneficiaries have improved access to relevant education, shelter and sanitation solutions

Project Results

RESULT 1. Targeted refugee population in Gambella and Shire camps have improved access to appropriate shelter

RESULT 2. Targeted refugee populations in Gambella and Shire camps have improved access to appropriate sanitation

RESULT 3. Improved access and retention to inclusive quality non-formal education for out of school children (girls and boys)

RESULT 4. Improved safe learning environment for children and youth

RESULT 5. Capacity of education professionals and stakeholders strengthened

RESULT 6. Increased learning opportunities for youth

Overarching purpose

The final evaluation will be conducted to:

•           Review the relevance of the project and its approaches/strategies in the context of the need of the communities in the intervention areas;

•           Verify the efficiency and effectiveness of the results achieved and trace the changes observed in the lives of the target beneficiaries;

•           Generate quantitative data for specific objectives and expected results based on the project indicators; 

•           Critically examine the validity of the assumptions on which the project’s likely impact was based;

•           Analyze sustainability of the project initiatives from the point of view of local stakeholders including target beneficiaries participation, institutional arrangements, compatibility of project objectives and target community’s need;

•           Assess level of the intended synergies/integration/complementarities as well as the coordination of the project interventions with other on-going similar initiatives implemented in the respective project intervention areas by both the government and other actors;

•           Draw lessons and provide recommendations having strategic significance for improvement in future similar actions

NB. Quotations given by consultants should exclusively cover all the costs associated with the requested consultancy service.

Interested applicants may collect the Terms of Reference from the NRC Office-Addis Ababa and should submit their technical and financial proposals, separately, in sealed envelopes within the next 12 working days of this notice(from December 28, 2018 to January 11, 2019 during working hours). Deadline for submission is January 14, 2019at 5.00 PM.

Address:          The Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC)-Ethiopia, Bole Sub-city around Edna Mall on Adika Building 5th floor in front of Syonat Hotel or adjacent to Saro-Maria Hotel. Tel: 0116-619979/80