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Terms of Reference

To Develop Software Application for the Establishment of Electronic Business Enquiry and Information Service Platform

Tender Reference Number:- PSD-Hub/TIPD/002/18

December 2,2018


PSD Hub through the financial support of the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency has been assisting the efforts of the Ethiopian chamber system to improve the business climate and thus augments Ethiopia’s private sector development since 2005. This effort has contributed to the enhancement of the capacity of Chambers in being a positive voice for the private sector through research, advocacy and policy influence, which have borne fruit in terms of improved policy, legal and institutional arrangements for the sector.

Furthermore, to sustain & institutionalize the achievements,PSD Hub phase III project is engaged in building the capacity of ECCSA for financial sustainability emphasizing on helping its members& affiliated associations to design, develop and provide demand-led products and services for which users are able and willing to pay.

ECCSA is providing business information services to local and foreign customers. As part of the business information service so far different business enquiries has been received and responded by Trade and Investment Promotion Directorate free of charge. Structuring the business enquiry and information services and delivering online through electronic platform on fee basis would be essential to improve the service and enhance ECCSA’s income source. 

Business Enquiry service from the context of ECCSA is a service provided to Ethiopian local companies as well as foreign investors to give prompt responses to their business related questions. The questions raised by those target customers could be linked with trade, industry, investment and any other business issues. The business enquiry could be any trade, industry, investment and any other business related requests or questions or clarifications from local and foreign companies and appropriate responses would be provided by ECCSA. The Business Information service on the other hand is an additional business, market, event, or related information that would be uploaded to the targets. That business information would be collected from different stakeholders’ i.e Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ethiopia, Ethiopian Embassies abroad, Foreign Chambers and the like.

As part of the continuation effort PSD Hub, therefore, wants to hire an experienced and competent Consultant/IT Professional or firm to develop software application for the establishment of electronic business enquiry and information service platform.

1.         Objective of the Assignment

The objective of the assignment is to develop user friendly software application for establishment of interactive electronic platform that effectively helps to deliver business enquiry and information services.

2.         Scope

The Consultant shall design and develop tailored user friendly software that helps to deliver interactive business enquiry and information service. ECCSA is planning to deliver the service through its website. The targets could be members to get the service through ECCSA’s website. The membership could be renewed periodically i.e quarterly or annually, as appropriate but not a must. So that, the software application should be developed accordingly but the application should be also linked with emails or phones to be managed by the ECCSA service providers easily. Furthermore, the software is expected to incorporate effective and efficient payment system as the service is provided on fee basis. The payment system should be designed and developed by the consultant.

The content of the software could have three parts. The first part would incorporate fields to get basic information about the inquirer or the customer (name, company, address,…), the inquiry itself with limited space or words(e.g standard online business enquiry form)  , and the payment info (paid and completed). The second part would provide business information and the online customers could get as additional benefit. The third part would be to provide response by ECCSA service providers. The application is expected to be easy and short to save time and to give prompt response. The application could be linked with emails and phones so that the service providers would have responded quickly while they are doing other tasks. There will be rules of engagement on service provision ( i.e to respond within 72 hours as an example) and the application should incorporate alarming flags or other alerts for not responded inquiries. The application should have also customer database in which all information about the existing and previous customers would be saved and retrieved anytime needed.

The customers would get access to the platform in a secured manner. Passwords could be provided to get access but it should be protected not to be used or shared by others or manipulated. However, the consultant is expected to propose best approach to deliver the business enquiry service through the mentioned electronic platform, as per the context or working environment of the ECCSA.

The Consultant will:

•           Prepare preliminary design of a software that is suitable to deliver effective business enquiry and information service through ECCSA website.

•           Design and developinteractive software that incorporates payment system as well.

•           Develop operational manual for effective implementation of the services

•           Test effective operation of the system

•           Appropriate technical supports and trainings are expected.

3.         Methodology

The methodology should consist of the following butnot limited to:

•           Work closely with ECCSA Trade and Investment Promotion Directorate

•           Propose the necessary ITC facilities

•           Modify the system according to the context of the ECCSA capacity and the target customers(i.e local and foreign)

•           Design the structure of the software and the payment system

•           Test effectiveness of the system

•           Support technically and provide trainings

•           To maintain effective implementation of the system would be developed

5. Deliverables

•           Inception report: providing the client and the consultant with an opportunity to verify that they share the same understanding about the assignment and clarify any misunderstanding at the outset.The inception report should detail the consultant’s understanding of what is being done and why. The inception report should include theplanned timeline, methodology / approach, activities and deliverables and the designation of team members with the lead responsibility for each task or product.

•           Preliminary Design: submit preliminary design of the software application and the payment system.

•           Final Design: Design the software and submit for comment and approval

•           Software: Develop user friendly software application incorporatingthe payment system

•           Test: Test the effective application of the software and the payment system

•           Manual: operational manual ‘on how to use the system’ should be developed by the Consultant

•           Report on technical support : the technical advice and training report should be delivered

6.         Required Qualifications and Time Frame

6.1. Required

The successful bidder should supply evidence of ability and experience to undertake the tasks outlined in the ToR and must at least have a lead consultant who fulfills the following requirements:

•           A minimum of post-graduate degree in Information Communication Technology and related fields and should have a comprehensive understanding of the nature of private sector development.

•           A minimum of 5 years relevant experience on developing software applications and providing technical support on the required service and certified to conduct similar or related activities.

•           The proposed team of the firm should have an in-depth understanding of, and experience in software development and electronic business enquiry/information services those could be offered by the Chambers. 

6.2.      Time frame ofthe assignment

•           The duration of this assignment is expected to take maximum of 20 Calendar days.

7.         Application Procedure (How to Apply)

Interested Consultants are requested to submit their bidding documents to the following address:  ECCSA/ PSD HUB office- 7th floor, Office number 705

A.        Technical proposal:

•           The consultant should submit one original &three copy of technical proposal.

•           Description of the consultancyorganizationand attached all relevant supporting documents.

•           Profile (CV) of each of the study team members, an outline of the member’s recent and relevant experience, including the duration of involvement of assignmentsundertaken.

•           Technical proposal, detailing proposed methodology and resources needed.

•           A report which is an example of similar work, and which demonstrates clear evidence of the skills and experience which are required.

•           The minimum passing technical score is 70% out of a total score of 100 points.

B.        Financial proposal:

•           A list of all expenses associated with the evaluation, including costs and fees related to undertaking this assignment.

•           The financial proposal should be submitted in a separate envelope from the technical proposal.

We Strongly Encourage Female Consultants to Apply