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The German Foundation for World Population (DSW..Invitation for External Auditors

Invitation for Audit Firms for the Audit of 2018 Financial Accounts

Dan Church Aid (DCA) is legally registered International NGO (Ministry of Justice Charities and Societies Agency certificate # 1083; engaged in development and humanitarian assistance to poor rural people in Ethiopia in Partnership with Ethiopian NGOs and Civil Society Organizations.

Dan Church Aid would like to engage an Authorized and Certified Audit Firm to undertake the audit of its Office Running Books of Accounts. The organization uses modified cash basis computerized accounting with ERP software system and the financial period runs from January through December each year.

Audit Requirement

As per the standing guideline and requirement of Charity and Society of the Federal Democratic of Ethiopia, we would like to invite interested and qualified Audit firms by submitting the following documents.

•           Experience and Qualification of Auditors to be involved in the audit.

•           The audit firm’s profile and renewed license for the current FY 2010/2011 E.C.

•           Description of Audit Approach,

•           Estimated time to accomplish the audit work

•           Audit Fee.

The volume of the Audit work can be assessed by visiting our office (8:00 AM – 5:00 PM) Monday-Friday. Interested applicants shall collect terms of reference/RFQ from Dan church aid office starting from of 28th of November 2018 to 5th of December 2018(from 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM).

Audit firms should submit their financial and technical proposals in a separate two envelopes (technical and financial separately)with sealed and stamped envelope on or before 5th of December 2018 be fore close of the business (5:00 PM.)

DCA Ethiopia reserves the right to cancel the bid.

Dan Church Aid Ethiopia.

Kirkos Sub City, Kebele 02,

House No 174, Ethio China Road, in front of Tebaber Berta House.

Tel. 0115-514047

Addis Ababa