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Zemen Bank revising its vendor’s register list (supplier list). Accordingly, the Bank would like to invite all capable and qualified companies to register and submit their required documents for the goods and services listed hereunder

Zemen Bank revising its vendor’s register list (supplier list). Accordingly, the Bank would like toinvite all capable and qualified companies to register and submit their required documents for the goods and services listed hereunder.s

 1. IT Related

1.1.       Personal Computers

1.2.       Uninterrupted Power Supply (Ups) Units

1.3.       Laser Jet Printer

1.4.       Dot Matrix Printer

1.5.       Scanner

1.6.       Server  and Accessories

1.7.       Access Switch, Rank Mount, UTP Cable and Patch Panel

1.8.       Hard Disc, RAM, and Network Card

1.9.       Inverter

1.10.    IP camera

1.11.    ATM Camera

1.12.    CCTV Camera

2.          Equipment (Machinery) Related

2.1.       Facsimile

2.2.       Photocopier

2.3.       Telephone Apparatusand Accessories

2.4.       Electronic Calculator

2.5.       Typewriters; Manual & Electrical

2.6.       Fire Extinguisher

2.7.       Metal Detector

2.8.       Cash Note Counting Machines

2.9.       Currency Detecting Machine

2.10.    Generators of various capacities

2.11.    Air Conditioners

2.12.    Ventilators

2.13.    Exchange Rate Display

3.          Furniture Related

3.1.       Tables of Various Sizes and Shapes

3.2.       Swivel Chairs of Varying Types

3.3.       Guest Chairs of varying sizes

3.4.       Filling Cabinet, Cupboard, Side Table, Shelf

3.5.       Computer Stand, Coffee Table and Typewriter Stand

3.6.       Coat Hangers

3.7.       Safes of varying sizes

3.8.       Fire Resistant Filing Cabinets

3.9.       Writing Tables; Stand up and Conventional

4.          Vehicle and Motorcycle

4.1.       Vehicles; Automobile, Double Cabin Pick Up, and Cash Van

4.2.       Motorcycles

5.          Stationery Related

5.1.       Photocopy Paper

5.2.       Pen, Pencil, Highlighter,and Marker

5.3.       Passbook Printer Ribbon

5.4.       Puncher, Stapler, Paper Tray

5.5.       Box File, Flat File, Envelope, Carton Boxes, Etc

5.6.       String Local and Rubber Bands

5.7.       Staples, Correction Fluid

6.          Toners( Different Types)

6.1.       Printer Toners

6.2.       Photocopier Toners

6.3.       Facsimile Toners

7.          Print Related

7.1.       Security Feature Printing

7.2.       Printing Of Different Documents

7.3.       Printing Different Format

7.4.       Printing Of Calendar, Brochure, Agenda

7.5.       Rubber Stamps

8.          General Supply

8.1.       Uniforms: Including Shoe, Shirt, Leather Jacket, Overcoat, Socks and Umbrella

8.2.       Cleaning & Sanitary Supplies

9.          Parts &Consumables

9.1.       UPS Batteries of Varying Capacities

9.2.       Electrical Material

9.3.       Car Tire and Inner Tube

9.4.       Car Battery, Alarm and Seat Cover

9.5.       Spare Parts for Vehicle and Motorcycle

9.6.       Spare Parts for Generators

9.7.       Building Material

10.        Metal, Wood And Aluminum Work

10.1.    Counter Works

10.2.    Partition Works

10.3.    Strong Room Works

10.4.    Guard House Works

10.5.    Metal Grill Works, Etc

11.        Service Works

11.1.    Network Installation

11.2.    Electrical Installation

11.3.    Plumbing Installation

11.4.    Painting & Plastering Works

11.5.    General Installation Works

11.6.    Carpet Works

11.7.    Curtain Works/Vertical Blind

12.        Advertisement Works

12.1.    Light Boxes

12.2.    Bill Boards

12.3.    Banners

12.4.    Television, Radio, News Paper

12.5.    T-Shirts & Caps

13.        Maintenance Works

13.1.    Office Equipment

13.2.    Generator

13.3.    Electrical Installation

13.4.    Plumbing Works

13.5.    Vault Door And Safe Configuration Of Safe Combination

13.6.    Vehicles

13.7.    Furniture & Fitting Etc

14.        Other Services

14.1.    Vehicle Washing

14.2.    Seat Cover Cleaning

14.3.    Maintenance Of Telephone Line

14.4.    Carpet Cleaning

15.        Others

15.1.    Café & Restaurant Service

15.2.    Groceries

15.3.    Supermarkets


1.          The forms for submission of company profiles and other required documents to register your company in the Bank’s supplier roster may be collected free of charge from the 2nd Floor,Genet building at the Head Office (Facility Management Department) located at Kazanchis oseph Tito Street starting from the announced date.

2.          Letter of registration with all supporting documents shall be submitted to Zemen Bank S.C. at the above address, not later than December 23, 2018.

 3.          Zemen Bank S.C. will shortlist the firms Based on the letter of registration and accompanied documents.

4.          For more information, call 011557 58 25 or 011557 35 25

5.          Zemen Bank S.C. reserves the right to accept or reject any or all submission.