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Oromo Self -Help organization (OSHO..Bid for Consultancy Service for Conducting End Term Project Evaluation of Drinking Water Development

Bid for Consultancy Service for Conducting End Term Project Evaluation

Of Rift Valley Drinking Water Development Third Phase Project


Oromo Self -Help organization (OSHO) is a well experienced and leading non-governmental organization which is working in the rehabilitation and development efforts in the Oromia Region.

Oromo Self Help Organization (OSHO) is an Ethiopian registered NGO engaged in improving the drinking water quality there by reducing the fluoride level to WHO standard of 1.5mg/l for an estimated population of over 16 million people residing in the Great Ethiopian Rift Valley with particular focus to different parts of the Oromiyaa Region as it is the most affected.

To this end OSHO with the financial support obtained from HEKS have been implementing Rift Valley Water Development Third Phase project during the period 2016-2018. In line with the project objectives Oromo Self Help Organization (OSHO) has coordinated the implementation of various activities that are collectively expected to produce project results stated in the project document.

Therefore, now with the completion of the implementation period, OSHO/ HEKS have decided to commission and engage an external consultant to evaluate the overall performance of implementation thereby recommending future direction.

Therefore, OSHO/HEKS is inviting competent(S) consultant or freelancer(S) to the bidding for evaluation of the above stated project that was carried out in three woredas.

Therefore, those who fulfill the requirements can submit their bid documents(both technical and financial) with credentials;

Qualification of the consultant

•              The consultant or freelancer should have a renewed license and TIN Certificate to provide the consultancy service.

•              The evaluation team/consultant should have the qualification, knowledge and experience appropriate to the purpose and scope of the evaluation. The consultant/s shall have knowledge about fluoride and its removal techniques

•              Knowledge and experience with evaluation methodologies (both qualitative and quantitative methods), including experience from similar tasks shall be an asset.

•              The team for the end-term evaluation should be composed of at least experts in Economics, Chemistry, Sociology, and related fields

•              The lead consultant should have Masters Degree in one of the above disciplines.

•              The consultants should have previous experience of working on fluoride removal program evaluation

•              Exposure to and knowledge of OSHO’s programs or projects and fluency in local language is an advantageous.

Deadline and submission procedures

Potential consultant bidders are expected to submit their proposal of Activity and financial breakdown within ten days the bid is floated in the news paper

The detail ToR can be obtained from OSHO head office located adjacent to New Zemen Bank construction around Sengatera against payment of non-returnable ETB 100.00

The bid will be closed on the tenth day of the bid announcement at 10:00am and will be opened the same day at 10:30

Address: P.O.Box 1214 Addis Ababa,

For further information Tel  0911679907, 0911873388